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Alcohol Story - Is this something common or unique? watch

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    I was at a friend's birthday party the other night and I consumed a large amount of Vodka in a short space of time.

    As I was intoxicated, I idiotically took one drag of cannabis, although the actual drug was not mine nor was I in possession of it.

    This increased the effects of the alcohol. I got to the stage where if you sit down, your mind spins and will most likely either fall asleep or be sick.

    Instead of doing the above, I did this;

    I have an excellent mental capacity. Even when intoxicated, I am able to accurately recollect everything that had occurred. I can even recall the mental images from my mind of everything around me. When people claim they lose their memory when drunk or its fuzzy, I can't relate but perhaps this is something less common but handy?

    Despite being at that stage, I was walking around their garden continuously for about an hour. I avoided speaking to anyone, I simply focused on the cold and the environment around me like street lights etc. which allowed me to focus my mind and calibrate myself.

    I did try and go back inside the party a few times, but I began to feel wobbly and unstable again, so I went back outside and repeated.

    I embarrassingly was speaking out loud to myself, reassuring that I can overtake the effects and regain control. I never do this sober btw

    I did actually try to make myself sick, as normally I have very sensitive gag reflexes, but when I put my fingers down the back of my mouth there was no response or sick coming up, so my stomach couldn't have been at the stage of no return, although I had felt it at first!

    After about an hour of telling myself I am okay and accepting I was drunk and what I could next to avoid the cliché drunk asleep at the party, I managed to overtake the intoxication and within that hour I was pretty much feeling sober again and could think + walk + sit straight.

    Although the THC and blood alcohol content would still be high throughout the night, my mind had overridden the effects fairly quickly and I was stable again.

    Some of my friends, however, made the mistake of sitting down and they were asleep for the rest of the party and some even sick!

    I was quite proud of myself, as it shows (unless I am crazy in thinking it) that I have a strong mental hold over my mind (mind over matter) and that not even cannabis + alcohol could close my body down.

    After I sobered up, I spent about another hour just eating in the kitchen area then got a taxi home and slept until the morning with no hangover!

    I was wondering if anyone who has experience in mental health or even self experience would view this behavior in a certain way? Is this normal behavior or unique or strange? Most people would let themselves go at a party, but my mind kept telling me no like it had control even with the intoxication.

    I'd love to see your thoughts on this!
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    Nothing unique or special, plenty of people are able to remain in control even after drinking a large amount of alcohol

    Walking around in the fresh air is a common way to sober up, this is nothing new or special! :rofl:
    Everyone has different tolerance to alcohol, it sounds like you were just at the sick/spinny stage and not yet at the blackout. No reflection on your brain power...

    How much vodka is “a large amount”?
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    You drank vodka and took one drag of weed and you're amazed you didn't get totally smashed?
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