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My girlfriend cheated on her ex. Is this a big red flag? watch

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    Based on the title the answer would seem to be "yes obviously", but here's what happened: their 2 year relationship had been dying for a couple of months. They'd been arguing, spending time apart, for the final week he had been staying at a friends rather than the house they shared with 2 other people. She'd got closer to her male flatmate in this time. 3 days before they officially broke up, she kissed that flatmate.

    I hate cheating. But then it was just a kiss and the relationship was on its last legs. Is this a red flag or is it nothing to really worry about?

    Of course it's a red flag.
    Just imagine you're in a situation where the relationship fluctuates and Its in the tense stage, she's likely to cheat from past experience of hers
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    It's a red flag but she's your girlfriend now, is that something you would dump her over? Some people do change and if she's willing to move past her screw ups in life then you could let it slide. Having said that, I wouldn't date someone who is a former cheater. The knowledge that they broke the trust with someone else and thinking that they might do the same to me isn't something I'd let go of easily.

    To be honest I wouldn't make much of it. End of relationships frequently have some form of dalliance associated and we don't live in a perfect world. Many people in secure long term relationships will have been a bit skulduggerus in their past. This said, you know you need to keep you game up or she'll likely be snogging your best mate..

    Some people do change and some people don't. There's different magnitudes with regards to cheating and it sounds like what she did, although obviously the wrong thing to do, was a genuine mistake. Is she remorseful for what she's done?
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