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Who's down there? You're not one of them, are you? watch

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    Quick! Get in the dumb waiter if you want to live!

    C'mon man, get in! I've seen what they're capable of!

    You made the right choice here, buddy.

    Hey, you're that little **** priest's guy aren't you? His... witness or whatever. You must be exhausted. Let's take a break, huh, buddy? The old two martini lunch, have a little confab.

    ...heavier than you look. A little cardio wouldn't kill you. Okay. Here we go. Arms and legs inside the car at all times.

    I love the mountain air up here at night. You want to head out, take a stroll? Go ahead, I'll wait here.

    Go on, run free. I'm in no hurry. No? Alright.

    Nose to the grindstone. I like that. Okay, then. Right this way.

    Shhh, shh. You weren't putting that tongue to any use anyway.

    Truth be told, I was just tired of licking my own stamps.

    Here we are, then.

    Thanks so much for coming by. We'll begin your consultation in a moment, I'll just need a second to wash up and...

    Oh... home movies! ...And it'll give us a chance to talk.

    You know, I'm a bit worried how much time you've been spending with Father Martin. I know...

    I hope you haven't been letting him confuse you with his... holier-than-thou bible thumping.

    No offense to the man, but I sometimes worry he might just be a little bit... crazy.

    It's understandable, people get scared, they're as like to turn to God as anything else. God died with the gold standard. We're on to more concrete faith now.

    You have to rob Paul to pay Peter, there is no other way. Murder in its simplest form, but what happens when all the money is gone?
    Well, money becomes a matter of faith. And that's what I'm here for. To make you believe.

    You paying attention? Don't pass out on me, there's still a lot for you to absorb.

    There. Better now, right? Do you understand what we achieved here? We made the consumer into the means of production. This thing is going to sell itself!
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