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what's the difference between epigenetics and the diathesis stress model? watch

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    I was thinking about that (title Q), did a search on google which pointed to, early on in the list, a post on this forum:

    epigenetics is when the environment physically changes the structure of your genes. Diathesis stress model is a theory that states (im assuming youre doing sz) to have Sz you first must have a diathesis or genetic basis and then a stressor which causes Sz to manifest itself

    That didn't ring right. I was and still am under the impression that epigentics is like a modifiyer, editor, filter in the gene expression processing, inbetween the genes and final phenotype expression. And a google for epigenetics, the google provided definition:

    the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.

    So what I thought epigenetics is is right. And that is absolutely contrary to what's in that post on here I linked to.

    So, what is the difference between epigenetics and the diathesis stress model?

    I'm wondering if they are basically the same thing? But the diathesis stress model is a more particular, specific example/version of epigenetics maybe? I think the diathesis stress is about how a disease/problem gets expressed, whereas epigenetics is just about the whole general idea of how something goes inbetween genes and their expression, and that that something modifies gene expression (without modifying the genes).

    edit: so the diathesis stress model is a subset of epigenetics?

    The idea that external events physically alter genetic coding which can be passed on. Eg, pollution or exercise

    Diathesis stress
    The idea that we have genetic vulnerability to all illness but this only develops if triggered by the right environmental stressor.
    Eg, mum has depression, you have an increased chance of developing it but you won't unless you experience a certain situation.
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    OK, great, thanks for that.

    The epigenetics explanation though, you've left out whether it changes genes themselves or just the expression of the genes. The google def said it doesn't affect genes themselves, only the expression. And I'm sure I've read some pretty detailed explanation of epigentics some time ago which said the same thing.

    I'm not convinced they're not basically the same thing. Apart from diathesis stress talks about a particular kind of expression, an illness, eg depression.

    Both are about external events affecting final gene expression. I think that's established. And if I'm right, which I'm pretty sure I am, both are about how the expression of genes gets modified, between the genes themselves and the final expression.

    It's just that the daithesis stress version concentrates on depression and schizophrenia, whereas epigentics includes those things, but also many other things, including non-disease stuff.
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Updated: March 11, 2018
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