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cant stop thinking about this girl watch

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    My guy, I’ve been in this situation before and let me tell you now, it won’t be easy to get over. First you need to distance yourself away from her. Next try to make a goal for yourself that you will work towards and focus on instead her. Next avoid sad music. Don’t ask why, just trust me on that😅 Work towards that goal , hang out with friends more, and most importantly talk to them about your feelings. Let them out little by little to someone as they help you to get over her. And remember, there’s someone else for you.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    well i know its not good, thats why im trying to get help on how to stop being obssessed with her

    I work at a corner shop sometimes and i play tennis frequently, why you ask?
    Make new friends and distract yourself from her by taking part in your hobbies. Over time you'll get over her but it may help if you reduced contact with her. I know it's hard but it's only for the best.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    theres this girl that rejected me and I really really like her, I know i will never go out with her but im thinking about her all day? I look forward to going to sleep because I just dream about her being with me and her liking me. I think about her all day at school and when ill get to talk to her. how do i get over this girl and stop it taking over me? I get no sleep because all i can think about is her. thanks
    I know where you're coming from. Months after my last boyfriend broke up with me, I would dread going to sleep because I didn't want to be in my own thoughts and think about the heartbreak and replay him dumping me. Then after a while, it became a comfort thing, and once I accepted that I handled the breakup well, I would think about him every night before sleep. It would be something to daydream about and keep my mind off other things.
    I don't do that as much anymore because tbh I've dreamt every scenario now. I also don't think about him as much throughout the day because once again I've thought about it all loads of times.
    He's not my first ex though and I've experienced similar things before. I don't even think about my first ex now though. I think those thoughts only truly stop when you get involved with someone new. However, I haven't met anyone since my last ex so that's why I still think about him.
    For the meantime, I don't think you should punish yourself for these thoughts, just accept it for now. Slowly it'll start to almost become a chore thinking about her. E.g. one of my exes I can't even be bothered thinking about, like it genuinely requires too much effort to go back and think about it.
    What you can do though is channel your energy into other things as lame as that sounds. E.g exercise, reading, tv series, new hobby. Even just chatting to new people on forums or on tinder or whatever. It can be a good distraction while you try and get over things.

    I used to fall in love with people all the time when I was at school. It's your hormones. It isn't worrying or disturbing. It doesn't make you a saddo. It's normal. I never turned into a weirdo, and I'm certainly not dangerous! Trust me, it levels out eventually.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    yea thatll be good, we said we can stay as friends so im still getting the train with her atm do you think thats a good idea?
    I think for the moment, you should spend less time with her so that you get your feelings under control. Obviously don't ignore her but just distance yourself and spend more time with others. Only do it if you feel comfortable! If I were you, I'd only take the train with her some days so you cut down the amount of time you spend together
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