Controversial #1: Logan's Paul Suicide Controversy Watch

Logan Paul
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Logan Paul is an entertainer that uploaded a video that shows the a suicide victim's body in the video. This disrespectful video has led to a backlash and has caused many problems for Logan Paul.

Several Youtubers have talked about this topic and more suicide help is being offered. However this does not make what Logan Paul did right.

Logan Paul returned to Youtube a month later having reflected on his experience. Does he still deserve to be forgiven? Has he really changed? Reply below to share your views as suicide is a serious topic and should really be aware of to younger people like you guys.

Here is a link to the suicide prevention helpline:

Controversial is a new series on TSR where I will be dissecting the controversies that go on in the world and make a thread to stimulate discussion. I will make one of these posts every week.

My username is Logan Paul, but I am not a Logan Paul fan nor actually him. I chose this username as it wasn't taken yet.
Mihir saxena
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I mean going an extra step for a video, every *****y youtuber is doing that!

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