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    So I’m really unsure on what I want to do after sixth form so I’m trying to keep my options open. This is what I’m currently thinking:
    English lit&lang
    Would be very grateful for any advice you are able to give in terms of these a levels or just a levels in general
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    I took A level lit and lang and one of my best friends took A level maths so I know a fair bit on both subjects. I won't lie to you, they're hard work and they can be extremely frustrating at times. My experience with both lit and lang was going from getting 2 A's at GCSE level to barely scraping D's in test papers at A level. Over time my results got better but this was because I really applied myself because I didn't want to finish 2 years of sixth form and come out with a D. In the end I managed to get a C and to be honest I was happy with this. It was the same story with my friend in maths, scraping D's on test papers then eventually coming out with a C. It is important to note that with any subject when you first start it will be difficult and the first few months are just about you getting settled and building your skills up. It sounds silly but it is a huge jump to go from GCSE to A level and you will find this with any subject that you pick. My best advice is choose subjects that you are passionate about and really willing to work in, it will be hard work but you'll get there in the end.

    So I took English Lang and Math ALevels. And the thing about English Lang is that you could really give it your all, but at the end itd all depend on your examiner. Like I’m a really good writer and I got an A* in GCSE. But then, I still don’t get why they gave me an E in ALevels and I actually worked hard for it. Anyway, so I re-sat the exam and this time I just didn’t bother, I didn’t prepare or anything and just went in and gave the exam. Lol. Guess what grade I got? A 😂. So yup, that’s for English. Now, math is pretty okay as long as you work hard. The paper’s are just getting tougher and tougher and the boundaries are getting higher so you’ve to be prepared to work very hard and honestly you have to have a knack for math kinda, the ALevel modules are pretty tough. The calculus part especially.
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    A lot of my friends are taking economics and from what I’ve heard from them it’s pretty tough.. compared to the other commerce subjects. It’s also very very very time consuming apparently.
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    I’d really suggest you take a while to think about which career path you want to walk on. It’s really important. Have a few universities in mind too and make a note of all their requirements, and then just take the ALevel subjects accordingly. ALevels is pretty tough, so just stick to what you really need and what youre passionate about
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    To begin with, take only 3 unless one is Further Maths (or your school requires you to take 4 then drop one, which is very uncommon these days I understand). It's considerably more work for no real additional "value" in terms of applications to do so.

    If you want to consider Economics in the future then I would recommend A-level Maths (and generally, business/finance courses may require it, especially the "top" courses in those areas) as it's required for the vast majority of courses (including PPE at Oxford, as while not an explicit requirement more than 90% of successful applicants have Maths at A-level to some capacity). A-level Economics would be a reasonable option if you wanted to explore this and fits well, but isn't required by any means for such courses. A-level Maths alone may suffice for a number of Computer Science/Mathematics degree courses, but you would benefit greatly from doing Further Maths as a fourth option in this case. Similarly, for the "top" Economics courses (LSE/Cambridge/Warwick/maybe Oxford) it's very useful to have.

    French would mainly be advisable if you are strongly considering doing erasmus or similar in France and/or working/studying in France after graduation, AND you did very well in GCSE (or may want to study languages at uni of course). As I understand Language A-levels tend to be a bit of a step up so, if you don't hugely enjoy the subject and/or do very well in it, it might be more work than is worth the effort. English Lit/Lang is a fine choice, with at least Lit usually being a requirement for English at uni, while the language portion is useful for this and for potentially Linguistics or similar.

    French/English give slightly more potential opportunities if you change your mind from an economics/business/finance direction - but be realistic about whether you would actually pursue such opportunities given the chance. Economics may be helpful to give you an idea whether you want to pursue that angle in the first place however. Maths opens a lot of options, and unless you greatly struggle with/don't enjoy it, I would suggest it should be the first one to consider taking. Further Maths is well worth considering if you are strong in Maths and do well in general, and are aiming for Oxbridge "tier" universities in numerate subjects - as well as more generally if you may want to consider CS or Maths at degree level.

    I took French for a term, and I currently do English Lit (not Lit&Lang but it's similar).

    French is hard. Honestly, it's not worth your time if you don't want to go into a career in France or languages in general. I studied it for a term before dropping out and picking up English Lit. It was mostly my teacher who pushed me over the edge with it, though - she was French, she had the mentality that she was still in a French school and so constantly yelled at us for the tiniest little thing and had no sense of humour. Also, she was a terrible fit for A level, because she was so up her own arse that she refused to speak to us in French because "we weren't good enough for it yet".

    I hope you have a better experience with French if you do take it, though, but I personally wouldn't recommend it. English Lit, on the other hand, I love. I did go from getting two A*s at GCSE to scraping Ds and Cs in first year, but in second year everything gets a lot better. I'm averaging Bs and As right now, and I got my first A* grade in my Shakespeare paper in my January mock. What I would recommend is finding out what books you need beforehand, and reading them over summer so you have a headstart. Get York Notes as well. But I honestly would definitely recommend English Lit. From speaking to friends who do Lang, it's a pretty good course too

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