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Cambridge is better than Oxford and here's the proof...

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You're suddenly making me want to be a union hack! :biggrin:

You can still hack at Cambridge :biggrin:
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Unfortunately I've seen an Oxon and a Tab end up having a violent fist-fight over this triviality... :rolleyes:
The Tab got kicked the shit out of :tongue:

those are the students who that 'professor cole' must have based his conclusions about cam students on. :tongue:

wahey the smilies are in a proper order once more
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You can still hack at Cambridge :biggrin:

That's what I meant :biggrin: Even for politics I would never go to the other side :wink:
But I'd be fluffy and nice to most people :smile:
Especially my fluffy UKL (TSR) friends
Who would all vote for me
Wouldn't you :wink: