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    I am a new home owner and decided to take on a lodger to help me pay my mortgage. I have taken on a Norwegian women who works long hours so she is often out of the house when I am in so it is a bit of a result. She is quiet and respectful and makes no noise when Im sleeping etc and never has any guests over ever.
    She paid a deposit of 500 pound when she moved in and signed a tenancy agreement.

    Now for the negatives, She can be messy in the kitchen and often leaves her unwashed cups and plates in the sink. I always clean up after myself as I believe it is a sign of courtesy to the other person. Also the rent is £550 per month but she has been transferring money from a Norwegian bank account and I have only received £443 for the first two months. I was willing to let the first month slide as she said she was in the process of getting an English bank account but now it transpires she can't get the information the bank needs for her to set this up even though I tried to help her where I could. I am now going to have to mention this to her as I do not think she realises as money will be taken off during the transfer.

    Finally I have new cream carpets in my living room. I was vacuuming it today and have noticed a large dark stain on the carpet it looks like from a spilled drink, possibly coffee. It is near the sofa and looks like she may have placed a drink on the floor and then knocked it over. She has not mentioned anything about this to me. How should i approach this? Should I just mention both things to her at once? What if she denies making the stain? Can i just deduct the cost to clean the carpet from her deposit?

    Any other people who have had a lodger on here who can offer advice?

    She has a duty to keep up with the rent - if she is not paying you the correct amount on time, or has made effort to catch up on payments, then she is breaking the tenancy agreement. I think you do need to talk to her - about this, as well as the lack of cleanliness and the stain. Normally damage to the property can be taken out of the deposit she paid, depending on your contract.

    For the rent issue, she should be paying up the rent, and covering the transfer fees herself. If you think that it is an issue of her not realizing that the transfer fees are being taken from the bank, talk to her about it and ask her to make her up the shortfall, Beyond that, although hopefully, it won't come to this:


    As for the carpet issue, I believe the only things you cannot deduct from the deposit are anything to do with damage would be the result of "normal wear and tear". Her spilling coffee on the carpet would not be covered by this, and I think you can deduct the cost of cleaning from the deposit she paid.

    I think you should speak to her about both these issues asap. She is obliged to pay you the full amount in rent. Do you allow her to use all parts of the home?
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