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    Hi guys can you critique my routine,Im wondering how far i can get with using the routine i am currently doing, It is as follows. Full body 3 times per week.
    Chest press incline DB 3x8 (alternate) ,Chest price flat DB 3x8 (alternate), Seated shoulder press DB 3x8 ,Bicep curls standing 3x8, Leg press 2x10, Lat pull down 2x10 ,Bicep curl machine 2x10, Pec dec 2x10, leg extension 2x10.
    My starting weight was 120lb 6ft 2, i am now currently at 142lb 3 month later. (Eating about 3000 cals good foods) I have definitely seen results (especially biceps, lats). However i feel like my chest is lagging. Im wondering what i can add or replace in what im doing. Thanks guys
    • TSR Support Team

    TSR Support Team
    Firstly, you’re tiny for your height. Keep bulking, it’ll take time.

    You do enough for chest.
    You should do another set on lat pulldowns.

    Why have you go no row movements?
    Do facepulls.
    Where is your tricep work?
    Your leg training is non-existent.

    Read the FAQ, it links you to routines.

    If you go gym three times a week can't you split 2 muscles each day eg. Mon- back and biceps, Tue-leg and shoulder, Wed- chest and triceps. if you target muscles individually then I'm sure you'll see more growth instead of doing a split all the time where you're not focusing fully.

    Also diet is as important if not more in order for muscle growth, so carry on gradually increasing the calories every week or two, try eat healthy but in greater quantities however if you're struggling then go for anything to increase the calories.
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    Thanks for the reply man, I am doing leg press which I know isn't enough. I haven't done triceps exercises as they feel sore from the exercises I do. Can I also clarify this is full body 3 times a week. So you suggest I should add triceps expertise and more leg ? Thanks man.
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    PS Reviewer
    Read the FAQ that is my advice


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