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    I've suffered from depression throughout my teens. I was also suicidal and anxious throughout this period, and this affected the way I thought and my ability to read. Whilst at uni, I had extreme sleep paralysis, an embarrassing health issue and I also went through a period of hearing voices. Might I add, I was mightily broke (Like reallyyyy broke) and I had problems with reading (hearing voices and anxiety) and I was struggling with my course (STEM degree).

    I would lay on the floor in my room because I didn't believe I was good enough to sleep on the bed, and I didn't get out of bed for a while (stopped taking showers as I was bed ridden). I stayed in bed for the Easter holidays (4 weeks) and didn't want to live tbh.

    During this period of my life I have struggled in every aspect of my life. I don't have friends at uni and I'm repeating the year due to a period of interrupted study.

    I acknowledge that I am quiet and I am not extroverted, but for some reason I can't make friends. The people in my new cohort just stare and stay with their ready-made cliques.

    I know I am the problem, but how do I change it?
    How do I stop giving off bad energy,so people like me and be my friend?
    I'm a loyal and nice person once you get to know me.

    I'm 20 btw.


    Let me start off with saying, there are probably are a lot more people who like you than you think. I myself have a tendency to overanalyse other people’s emotions and struggle finding true friends. I usually takes me about a year to settle in properly.
    However, recently I have found that if you go on a field trip or some other situation where you are forced to be with people for even just a day - if you let yourself go, you can find not only good friends, but also good people.
    You say you are introverted, well so am I. If your a geek play to your strengths.
    I imagine you have heated this thousands of times, but there is no changing who you really are, and thank goodness for that I say. If we all changed to please everyone else, the world would be boring. If you are yourself, people who will like you find you.

    Best of luck and don’t get too worried about the present, think of the future and what YOU can achieve and not how to make people feel great about themselves.
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