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Asking a girl if she likes me watch

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Does she ever msg you first? If not she either isn’t into you or you’re not giving her enough space to realise she’s into you. Don’t msg her for a while and see if she pops up?

    Otherwise, deffo ask her to Black Panther and then if that goes well ask her out again within a week or so; maybe to a party or something? Simply because party atmospheres make talking about romance less awkward, but parties may not be your scene so studying is good.

    If you’re gonna talk to her outright just be chill; say something along the lines of ‘just fyi I’m really into you’ or something. Don’t ask her how she feels; she’ll tell you she likes you if she does, forcing her to say no just makes it more awkward than it needs to be.
    She does pop up when I do that, she doesn't like me however
    (Original post by Ben_dyson)
    This is great. She wants to go and see Black Panther, so take the opportunity - she asked to see it, so you won’t seem desperate. The reason for doing the study in a public library is that it is disguising your approach to her, you are not in her room or anything, so she thinks nothing awkward can come of it. If she says no then you sort of know what she feels, i.e. she isn’t quite ready, but if she says yes then you are one step up the ladder, and best of all, it won’t interfere with your or her daily study.
    You do have to be really careful though not to let her think of you as too much of a best friend. I think if you leave it too long, then she might start just seeing you as her BFF; I would say, leave a maximum of two weeks before making an official date.
    The worst thing you could do is store it up inside you, it could leave you feeling depressed and you will probably lose your drive. If you feel you can’t hold it in then take advantage of the passion and say it in person. This may seem old fashioned, but written words can be misinterpreted a lot easier.

    Best of luck
    She doesn't feel the same. Ty though
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    She doesn't feel the same. Ty though
    Such is life I suppose.
    You win some, you lose some.
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