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    I have nine weeks from Mon 12/03 until my very first exam. I've only just started to revise, but barely. I haven't made a revision timetable and seeing as we haven't finished some coursework I'm having to juggle homework, revision and mandatory activities outside all of that. My parents also expect 8s and 9s from me even though I'm not capable of them and my mock results (the few I've got back) are not going to impress my parents. On top of all that, all my friend's seem to have done so much more work than me and it feels like I'm really running behind. I really want to do well, but I don't know where to begin. I attempted making a timetable, but because I've been given a bunch of extra lessons and revision sessions, I'm not sure how many hours of homework I'll get and I don't know how to add them into my timetable. On top of all this, whenever I enter an exam (any kind, school or outside of it) my brain always seems to fry up! Is this normal? It's like in class I know what I'm doing and I'm capable of getting high marks, but as soon as I'm given a paper or put into an exam situation, it seems like I know how I should solve the problem, or I know the materials to answer the question but I never do it to my full abilities: it's like half of my brain shuts down and I'm not sure how I can change that. Also, I'm worried that my results will be bad and I'll disappoint my parents, teachers and myself, and that I won't be able to study the subjects I want to at A levels.

    Sorry that this was really long, but I really want to know if there's anyone in a similar situation or if anyone has any advice they can give to overcome these little problems.

    Just to summarise: I haven't started revising, I'm trying to juggle multiple activities alongside school, my parents have high expectations and in exams, everything falls apart. Help!!!

    Lol same look at what i just posted i have no clue what im going to do. Everyones been saying i am going to get all a* from year 7 so....

    Here are my tips:
    • Create a revision timetable. This doesn't have to be anything massive, but you should aim to revise about 30 minutes to an hour every night, if not more. Do this after your homework - however, you should make revision a priority over a less important piece of homework for which your exam is in not too soon. Your teachers should understand. Don't use this as an excuse not to do homework though.
    • You say that you have mandatory activities outside of school - can you elaborate on what these are? You really need to make a choice as to whether to continue doing these activities and therefore do less revision (for exams which will stick with you) or to spend more time on revising. Again, your activity organisers should understand that GCSEs are more important than not doing golf, for example, for a few months.
    • Don't compare yourself to your friends. Just because they say they have done lots of revision doesn't mean they have done - they may not be revising very efficiently, or they may be getting distracted by their phone during revision. Focus on yourself, or else you will waste time thinking about what you could be doing (as in what your friends are doing).
    • I would recommend making flashcards with questions and answers on each side to help test recall. Hopefully, you did this as time passed in year ten, but if not, you still have time.
    • Your parents seem to be naive if they are forcing you to get grades that you cannot achieve. Again, don't let this stress you out - at the end of the day, if you begin to revise now, you will get higher grades, and you will be more satisfied with them (and so will your parents) than if you continue to procrastinate. Therefore, my biggest tip is to get on with it (in the nicest sense).
    • Speak with your teachers about your exam struggles. It sounds to me like stress - therefore, take a moment to breathe, plan longer answers and do not throw down everything you can remember in disjointed clauses and words.

    To conclude, I recommend just getting on with the revision - even if this is easier to say than do.

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