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    When is the best time to start revising for GCSEs (it is currently 10th March and my 1st exam is the 14th May) ? How long should I revise for each night?

    When I was doing GCSEs I started in february, but March seems a good time to start, I recommend you start revising anytime soon as May is going to come really
    quickly. Studying for 2-3 hours a night will do, make sure you take regular breaks and make a timetable of what subjects you're going to study each day and what topics you're going to cover so that you manage your time and wont get stressed out when the exams come up.
    Hope this helped

    You've got just over 2 months to study for your exam. Now is the best time.

    Hopefully, you've got some revision material done already. If not, start now. Like, as soon as possible.

    As for revising, mix it up. Revising should have breaks, unlike making revision material.
    When you're making revision material, you're not focusing too much and you don't need to take anything in, so that doesn't need too many breaks.
    Revision does need breaks often.

    I'd say revise for the topics you want to carry on in college everyday, especially those that you need a high grade in.

    Revise for about 45 minutes, and have a 15 minute break.
    Study as soon as you get home from school, or else you won't ever do it.
    Let's say you get home by 3, and plan to study until 7, seeing as you're starting out revising.
    That's 4 study sessions (4 hours = 4 45-minute sessions plus 4 15-minute breaks)

    Good luck! Feel free to ask any more questions!

    PS. On your breaks, don't go on your phone. It can be addictive, and you'll pick it up only to put it down half an hour later.

    The best time is now. I would recommend revising every night for about 30 minutes to an hour, and each weekend for a few hours (maybe spend Saturday doing homework and being with friends, and then Sunday revising).

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