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Never going to get a boyfriend watch


    Why then you come to me if you want to play around

    (Original post by pereira325)
    Why make an "excuse" up?

    Nah, we can do it too. Doesn't matter which side of the pond you're on for this :P

    Dw as the great Beiber said in his song "never say never". Guys are so thirsty anyway if you're hetero... so you'll have someone with an interest soon enough
    I didn't make an excuse up?
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    Community Assistant
    Hey, you're only 16! Don't worry, you have plenty of time.

    Love yourself, you are a person worthy of love and worthy of someone nice and you lots of amazing qualities to offer.

    Hit the gym and wear those nice clothes.

    In the meantime, focus on your studies, have fun, enjoy life and partake in your hobbies.

    As you get older you could try online dating (POF, OkCupid), speed dating, joining clubs out of interest, meeting men through hobbies, online meet ups, through education, through work and going out.

    Good luck

    Don't worry your no the only one who is going through this.
    I'm 17 and haven't had a girlfriend yet, your still young you just have to wait for the right guy to come into your life.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Im 16 and never had a boyfriend i feel like im never going to get one and im too ugly for any guy to like me.
    I am currently 16 and do have a boyfriend but I have many many friends that don't. If im honest, at this age it is better to focus on things that actually matter like education. My boyfriend and I have been getting into so so many arguments lately and tbh I could do without the stress. They're just not worth it at this age.

    be patient and someone will come along just for you, at no point until my 1st gf at 21 did i ever think about having a relationship with any1 and that 1 naturally happened, 16 is a young age to worry about relationships like most ppl have sed but if you give it time you will have a relationship too, i dont know how this will sound but if anything is meant to happen then it will happen
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