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Welcome to the sub-section for universities in Greater London

This forum is for discussion about universities and higher education colleges in Greater London, though if a uni or city has its own sub-forum please post in there.

So, which unis are in Greater London and which have their own subforums? Click on the uni names to be taken to the right forum for each uni or college. There are also links to the official guides for each place too!Image

*These universities are affiliated to the University of London.

If you want a subforum for your university, please make a thread in Ask the Community Team here

The following universities used to have their own sub-forums, but clicking on the links below will take you to the best place to discuss these institutions. Also linked is the wiki/official guide to each institution. If the wiki guide appears incomplete and you have information to add to it, please do so using the edit button.

Your university belongs in this forum if it is in the green area of this map

If you're looking for university sub-forums in other parts of the world, use the following links for universities in...

North of England
South of England
Northern Ireland
International Study
Distance Learning
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