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    I'm lucky. I knew what I was good at when I was applying to college, I know what courses I want at uni, and I know what I want to do after uni when I enter the work force.
    My little brother isn't so lucky...
    He's 16 now, starting college in September. There are 2 main colleges where we are, one has mainly academic based courses (the one I go to) and one is mainly apprenticeship based. He has a place at the academic based college. A couple of his friends are going to the apprenticeship based college to learn trades (the example he gave is one friend taking electrical maintenance).
    We've spent the night talking and came to the conclusion he has no idea what he wants to do.
    He said that the only thing at the apprenticeship college he might be able to see himself doing is in brickwork because he thinks it would pay well. I have nothing against brickworkers, or learning a trade, but I'm worried that if he takes an apprenticeship course when he doesn't know what he wants to do in the long run, he'll limit himself. He's picked out 4 courses at the academic based college: film, English (combined), sports science and games design.
    My problem is that if he does an apprenticeship in brickwork, he'll only be able to do brickwork, but if he does the planned A Levels, he'll be able to do something in film or English or sports or games.
    I tried communicating this to him but he's really frustrated. He doesn't have the best grades and academics have never been his thing. He hates written work. He loves football and he's good at it, but we both know he's not professional level, mainly because he has no desire to be. I was the one who suggested sports science in the first place, so he could look into something football related but off field. He wants to do something hands on at college, so I get why he's thinking in terms of apprenticeships, but 3 of his courses (film, sports science and games design) I know through both personal experience and through friends on the courses aren't really writing based.
    We've spent 2 hours tonight doing career quizzes, myers-briggs quizzes (he's an ESFP), course finder quizzes, and anything else I could think of. He's given up and gone to bed.
    Like I've said, I have no problem with apprenticeships or the people who do them, and I'd help him in any way he needs if he decides to do it, but my problem is that *he doesn't know for sure* that he wants to do it.

    I get that it's his life and his choice but I'm worried about him. Should I push him to do the academic based courses or butt out?

    Allow him to decide for himself. Along the way he will know what he wants to do in life. All that you can do as a brother is watch and support him along the road in life.
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