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    I have an interview at Keele uni for the foundation pharmacy course, please could someone tell me how to prepare for it.

    Thank you
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    (Original post by a_m15)
    I have an interview at Keele uni for the foundation pharmacy course, please could someone tell me how to prepare for it.

    Thank you
    Interview Hints and Tips
    Common Interview Questions
    Each school of pharmacy will have their own set of questions on what to ask potential undergraduates and it can vary slightly within each school. Some common ones include:
    • Name three drug delivery systems
    • What does MRSA stand for?
    • Name three ways we isolate/discover drugs
    • Name a prescription only medicine (POM) and what it does
    • Why does insulin have to be administered intravenous only?
    • A long division question
    • Name some drugs which you will find exclusively in a hospital pharmacy
    • What is insulin?
    • If a patient wants to take insulin orally, what must be done to the drug? (Hint: dosage form)
    • What is antibacterial resistance? How does it occur?
    • What can one do to prevent resistance?
    • Would you prescribe a patient who is suffering from flu antibiotics? Why?
    • What functional groups give certain properties to a molecule?
    • Name three ways a pharmacist helps to promote health in the community
    • Have you read anything interesting in the news recently related with pharmacy?
    • Why do you want to study Pharmacy?
    • What skills does a pharmacist need/have?
    • What particular subject in pharmacy interested you?
    • Where in the profession do you see yourself in 10 years time?
    • What's the difference between Medicine and Pharmacy?

    Specific University Questions
    These are example questions - NOTE: you will not necessarily be asked the questions below.
    University of Reading: These questions CAN be a part of your interview and are not exclusive to this university
    • Why Reading and not a university in London?
    • TWO mental arithmetic question e.g adding things together that are in diff units e.g .3ml + 30ml + 3L
    • Tell me about your work experience.
    • What part of chemistry do you enjoy and why?
    • Tell me what you know about pharmacy?

    University of Hertfordshire: Standard questions for UCAS cycle 10
    • Why Hertfordshire?
    • What skills do pharmacists require?
    • Name 3 ways in which pharmacists' promote healthy living in the community
    • If you were a qualified pharmacist now, what one thing would you like doing and dislike doing?

    Liverpool John Moores University: The interview is in small groups of about 5-6 students, the following questions are not exclusive to this university:
    • Why Liverpool?
    • Which subjects other than science do you study that may be helpful when you are a pharmacist?
    • What is your other favourite university after LJMU? And why?
    • What qualities must a pharmacist have?
    • Talk about how the heart works.
    • Give a way in which a drug may be administered.

    To get an idea on what the aptitude test is like, visit this link on the Facebook page where you can find some practice questions .

    (Source: https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/con...harmacy-degree)
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    Please could someone give me a list of drug delivery systems
    Thank you!!
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