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Ex asked me out and blocked me when i caught him dating somebody else watch

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    Hi! Basically I’m heartbroken. I met this guy in December online and we messaged each other for 2 weeks before meeting in person. He got me that well and we used to talk about important stuff that I thought about keeping it as a friendship. Since I didn’t to mess things up and lose a “friend”. Anyway one of my bestfriends passed away soon after and on the day we were about to meet I flew over to my city to assist to the funeral. I told him the day before my flight and our meeting, and he came to my house to cheer me up. That’s how we meet. To keep it short we dated for 2 months. Not boyfriend or girlfriend since we both wanted to do this right and take it slow until he started acting weird saying that I wanted him way more he wanted me. When I never said or did anything for him to think that. In fact he told me so many times things like he would feel devastated if we broke up, that I was the best thing, he introduced me to his parents, etc etc... I treated him always the same way, and we used to hang out a lot together, he bought me presents, would be so nice, kind, and be there for me. Anyway soon after we hitted the 2 months mark, dating, he started to get pissed off If I said he looked cute, or that I really liked him back. He broke up with me because he wanted a relationship but now wasn’t sure about if he felt that way about me. I said alright, and felt shocked to be honest. And he texted me the same day to say he made a mistake to please let him call me, fix things. Only to break up with me again over the phone, as he said “in a more polite way, cause I was to hard on you in person this morning”. I hadn’t texted him so I didn’t understand this behavior. I couldn’t understand anything at all cause we were okay, and we even tried to get me a present for my bday the day before breaking up, and told me he was falling in love with me a week before that. I asked him to leave me alone and I failed a week later when I texted him asking if he didn’t really like me anymore out of the blue. He said that he indeed did, that is his very first time liking somebody the way he does with me (he has never got any girlfriend, or even date before, and I was the first one he had sex with) and that he got scared.And didn’t know what he was at the moment. And that he didn’t want to see me, hurt myself more or himself either. I understood, and went no contact. That happened in February. He texted me a few weeks ago replying to my story on Snapchat saying he wanted to see me, and even though I ignored him a few times, I started replying and kept it friendly. I posted a video where you could see a man’s hand, cause I was hanging out with people, but didn’t want to post intimate pictures or something that could be too much if It wasn’t serious. Anyway just a video of my living room and you could see somebody’s hands. He replied immediately asking who that guy was, if he was my new catch. I ignored and changed the topic. He said he really wanted to see me, drink at my place and chat soon. Until I went today on my Facebook (I deleted him when we broke up) and only had him on snapchat. And I went on a Restaurant page (what a freaking coincidence) and saw a review of the day he was asking me who that guy was saying that he and the girl he was having a date with really liked the place. I called him and said I couldn’t really understand why he would tell me he just didn’t know how to manage his feelings for me and was too scared cause he felt i wanted him more instead of just saying he didn’t like me and went dating somebody else just weeks later. I just got hurt by the lie and not the fact he was dating somebody. Doesn’t make sense to me to be into someone, dump the person for the reasons he stated and suddenly go on dates with other people. Would have been okay if he had been honest instead of asking me out and getting jealous when he caused all of this. He called me crazy and said that I was stalking him, I explained I wasn’t and it just appeared on my feed and I read the reviews of the restaurant as I always do just in case is good so I can go. He didn’t believe me, said I was obsessed with him, I wanted him back, and to please leave him alone. Excuse me? You have been the one texting me... I asked him to come over for drinks on Friday since he had told me he wanted to meet me soon that week and I agreed. Not gonna lie I still had feelings for him, and wanted to see how I would feel in person, but I wasn’t gonna do anything. Just keep it friendly. He blocked me from every single where after we talked on the phone. And I am just confused. Why did he act this way? He is 20 and I am 22 if that helps. Any thoughts? Sorry for the long message. I’m just shocked at the fact we lived so many things together, travelled together and that I was the first one for mostly everything even cuddling. He had kissed girls in clubs, never went on dates before me. I used to tell him I was scared of this cause he hadn’t experienced anything or anybody else and could want to. He always said I made him incredibly happy to leave me for meaningless things when he had way more with me.
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    You will get more people to read your post if it has paragraphs. I will try and read it though, although you only encountered him in December..

    Ok read it all now. It sounds like a very big car crash and as much as you think you have things in common both of you are quite needy, but you arent a good match. This will never work and it juts sounds like you would drive each other mad.

    Believe it or not there will be many thousands of potential partners out there who you can feel things for and who you will get on better with.

    He is dating someone else now, he probably doesnt feel anywhere near what you seem to feel for him, but give it time and it will pass. Alternatively you can carry on like your OP suggests and waste years of your life and a lot of energy before you are exhausted and realise you arent compatible because you want different things. You also made him sound a bit heartless, controlling and jealous.

    Seriously youve only known him a few months, they can be intense and then they run out of steam. You can find the connection you believe you had with someone else or you can pine away believing you have more in common than you do. Your choice.

    (Original post by 999tigger)
    You will get more people to read your post if it has paragraphs.

    I made it about 12 lines in, then lost myself in the wall and couldn't find my place again.

    Now I'm going back to bed, it's 9am ... too early for reading novels...........
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