how to get an A in english literature

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how do I get an A in English literature specifically animal farm. I have learnt what the characters represent and what they do within the story but how do I use this to get an A as at the moment I am getting B's. I know the themes and the hidden meanings.
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I did my GCSEs last year (june 2017) and was predicted a 4 in english literature, which stood out from my other grades (mostly As or 7s). In the real exam, despite being predicted a 4, I got a grade 7 (A) in english lit.
The text we studied were (in the AQA exam board) :
-Lord of the Flies
-Poetry Anthology Power and conflict
-Unseen poetry
-A Christmas Carol (by Dickens)

In all of the mocks, i would get grade 4 or below, but looking back at some of the work I did, I wrote paragraphs that were 5 lines long! But I know I did this under pressure of exam timings (the necesity to write however many paragraphs in a time limit).
My teacher would say for Macbeth, for example, write 4-5 paragraphs, which is why I would always rush and panic to get as many simple ideas down as possible. However, in the real exam, I only wrote 2 paragraphs for Macbeth, 2 for Lord of the flies, 2 for a xmas carol , and 1 for the poetry anthology as well as unseen poetry. However, these paragraphs (especially Macbeth) were 2 pages long.

My best advice is:
- Dont focus on writing a lot. Focus on quality of analysis. Make sure you make a acronym standing for what you have to include in every paragraph s you dont forget anything.
- I wrote in a exercise book my thorough developed ideas. I would spend about 30mins brainstorming ANY IDEAS about each quote, to try and get abstract ideas and not just basic ones.
- Teachers stress on the need to just memorise as many quotes as possible, but its no point having loads of quotes if you don't have completely developed ideas to say about them. I only memorised about 5 quotes for each novel/poem as many quotes can be used to analyse any theme or character that comes up in the extract or when you are asked to reference another quote in the novel.

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