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Got kicked out of school ,need help and advice. watch

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    I will explain this very briefly. I had been going to one Grammar School from year 7 to year 11, and had done my GCSE's there. The school demanded that I personally get 6 a's which I just narrowly missed out on so I had to apply for another school. This other school, lets call it school B was also a grammar school. Having parents that care about that sort of stuff I applied in for the sixth form and got in.

    Having gone from a unisex to a single sex school and the change of area drastically affected my school life. It was so boring and dreadful that I just hated it there. Soon some personal problems weighed up on me, Managed to do well in AS while not attending completely for the last few weeks before exams as I worked at home and didnt attend completely from after my exams to the end of the school term in July, this wasnt a problem as school didnt seem to alert me and I could catch up easily. A lot of things happened that summer that rendered me feeling even more hopeless than before and having a lot less will to work, losing the few things that kept me going tempoarily. This just made school even more of a hell for me with people going out of their way just to make my day ****. I hated it and by october I stopped going to school completely, I wasnt attending for about a few weeks when school finally called up my parents and they put my on a 21 day monitoring period.

    I started attending again and it wasn't a problem, and by the christmas holidays my attendance was back to normal, during that time I hated everything and couldnt even get the energy to get out of bed. Ever since January I had been attending all days of school when there was an incident with me and the deputy head, he asked for my phone and I refused to give it to him and walked away (stupid move I know) but they used this incident to adress the attendance problem and eventually I had been kicked out, They had asked me for medical evidence within a week or I would be kicked out.

    My mother being oblivious to the importance of the medical evidence cancelled the GP appointment as it was in school time and she didnt want me to miss school, so I had no evidence by the week and was taken off roll. We ended up getting all the medical evidence required and sent an appeal letter with the medical evidence, we had recieved a letter saying they have recieved our letter but we haven't heard back.

    In the time Ive been kicked out, just when my mental state was getting better this destroyed it all again. I am now NEET and unemployed but Ive gotten all the Uni offers I wanted and really want to do my exams and not have to retake. At this stage of year 13 with my A level exams (Maths, Physics and econ) few schools would take me. The school didn't even help like they said they would.

    We had to take the matters in to our own hands and hire a educational officer, she suggested that I go straight into employment which is something I absolutely do not want to do. I understand taking exams externally is an option but I don't want to put my parents under even more financial burden. It has been over a month and even she hasn't been answering my phone calls now, and she is literally paid to help people like me that go through this stuff.

    The school that kicked me out aren't in a good position either, I achieved better AS grades than half the students that actually attended and they even made a petition to kick the headteacher out because its been so horrible there.

    I need a lot of help and guidance i was meant to be doing Edexcel Maths and AQA Economics and Physics, hoping to do Computer science at University this year but its not looking too good at all, I have no idea what i could do and I have fallen quite behind (especially in economics) so if someone can help me out I will be forever grateful, I know this is a long read but I've had to do everything just so I can get myself another chance. Thank you so much.
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    I will be willing to answer any questions that you guys might have or be open to any suggestions, please help me out I really need any help I can get.
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