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    Hey guys. I'm really confused on what to do, so I'm here for some kind of advice on my situation.

    I'm 21, and have been doing driving lessons for just under 1 year. I was really, really nervous so I chose a specific instructor who had pretty good reviews. I feel like I've picked driving up really quickly, I'm rarely nervous on the roads and I can manage to drive safely while holding a conversation with my instructor. Most lessons, I find I've driven to our destination without even paying much attention. My instructor reckons I'm a great driver too.

    But, the problem is, I've failed my driving test 3 times now.

    1st test: Admittedly, my own fault. I took it 6 months after starting lessons, and I was stupidly nervous. I failed before we even got out of the test centre - my hands were shaking so violently I struggled to pull the handbrake up fully, so we rolled back just a tiny bit. "Serious" fail straightaway. (On a side note, if you get 1 serious or dangerous and have immediately failed, I don't see why they let you continue the test?).

    2nd test: I got 4 serious minors. These were:
    1. For slowing down when somebody quickly reversed out of their driveway on a bend. The man in the car hadn't seen me, so I slowed down. Obviously I didn't want to crash into him, but apparently, according to my instructor, I should have. Okay then..
    2. At a roundabout. I was waiting to pull out when a car coming from the right hand side was indicating left, and started pulling into the junction on their left. As I pulled out, they changed their mind and almost collided into me, so I braked. Not sure who was in the wrong there.
    3. I was in the right hand lane, which was fine, apparently. The minor came from the fact I didn't move into the left lane quickly enough which was fair enough, but there was a long truck on my left, so I didn't have a chance to until it had safely gone further ahead.
    4. This one was admittedly my fault. I was told we would be going left ahead into a new area. I've never been taken that way on my lessons, so I wasn't sure when to indicate. In the end, I indicated far too early.

    3rd test. I was so upset, I didn't stay to hear the feedback. I was taken on a route I had never been before, got docked for being a bit slow and hesitant etc.

    I've discussed my concerns with my parents - I've insured my own car to practice in and I've gone out with both of them and they both think I've been taught wrong.

    I'm really embarrassed about it now. I've done 3 tests, wasted god knows how much money, and I don't know if I've even been taught properly. I really like my instructor, but I'm wondering if I should go with someone else. We stick to the same route each time too.

    Any advice?

    Ask your instructor to take you on different routes, alternatively search which route you want to take (and google map to see whether it's do-abke within your lesson time) then plan your own lessons. Maybe ask if you can take a pernt with you in the back seat, I've not known an instructor to say no to this.

    I know people who passed on their 4th/5th/ ect tests. Don't lose hope.
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    It sounds like you are not a bad driver and trust me, many bad drivers pass their tests. So I think you've just had some bad luck. I thought i would never pass but passed 4th time lucky so I would say don't give up, your luck will come! My advice is save your money on lessons and just go out in your car with your parents before the next test.
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    (Original post by becca277)
    3rd test. I was so upset, I didn't stay to hear the feedback. I was taken on a route I had never been before, got docked for being a bit slow and hesitant etc.

    Any advice?
    This says to me that you weren't quite ready to be sitting your test. Once you have passed your test, are you only going to drive on roads that you have been on dduring lessons? Of course not, if you're ready to sit the driving test then you should be able to drive on any roads and deal with anything that crops up during the test.

    I would get out as much as you can, covering all sorts of different areas. Going out in your own car is a great idea but at the same time don't listen to parents too much - the way they were taught to drive will likely be different to methods used today, such as they would have failed a test for crossing their arms, whereas that's not an issue these days; they may have been taught to change gears sequentially whereas we do a lot more block changing these days.

    I had someone who was taking lessons and was normally going out driving with his mum - went out with his dad, and confidence was destroyed because his dad was picking up on everything he thought he should be doing. Got him in the back of the car for a lesson and that nipped that in the bud. The pupil went and passed his test a couple of weeks later with zero faults!

    Sometimes we get it wrong and put people to test a little bit too early, a few extra lessons and time behind the wheel and they sail through the test when they're ready. Whether that's test 2 or 22 so be it.

    You'll pass when you're ready. As someone's already said, don't lose hope.
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