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irls, opinions on this wallet-purse watch

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    It's Chanel


    To set the scene: I've been working at a law firm for over four years, I'm nearing 26 now and want to make some changes to my life. I've had the fortune of working in a top class place, many of the people who enter our offices look rich and sophisticated. I always feel inadequate standing next to them. As I've made a fair bit of dough I've decided to make some changes to my style. I'm aiming to dress better, to appear more sophisticated. I want to look like someone who is doing well in life. I'm pretty much got it all down, I'm dithering on which wallet to buy myself though.

    Before I start, I will admit that in-your-face designer brands annoy me as much as the next person. I don't want to be one of those 'look at me with my designer stuff' person. The only reason I'm choosing designer is because their products always look better made. I'm looking for a good quality black leather ladies wallet. It just needs to be black leather, good quality, not look cheap and big enough for my cash and cards

    So I've found this one which is very similar to what I wanted, the only problem is it says Chanel on the clasp. my question is, does it look sophisticated to you, what does it say to you? Does it say she's doing well in life and she can afford some good stuff or does it say she's trying too hard to impress people or does it scream tacky or does it say something else??

    Feel free to show me other similar products that you think might look better.

    yeah its nice, stylish... expensive af though

    It looks fairly decent but quite basic and perhaps not the best design.

    1. Leather stretches ,and if you go from having a lot of cards and cash stuffed into the wallet for a while and then dramatically reducing the wallet clutter, then whats to stop credit cards from slipping out from this design (this happened to me once)?
    With the way the card holders are pointing etc, its not the most secure design.

    2. In this day and age, you would expect to have RFID blocking technology in the wallet.

    3. The stitching looks decent and the leather look nice as far as I can see, but you really don't have to pay that much to get decent leather & stitching. In this case, the majority of what you spending is not on the quality, but on the brand name (and that's a big mark up). That's fine if you like a bit of brand snobbery, but in my personal opinion, that in the brief moments where you flash your wallet to reach for a business card etc, people are unlikely to notice the small strap end logo on an otherwise completely plain & standard looking black wallet.

    4. The outer wallet design is so plain, that if the wallet incurred the slightest scratch on that nice soft leather, it would stand out like a sore thumb. I don't think that this will be a wallet that will necessarily age that well (but then I guess if you're going to treasure this wallet, that might not be such an issue). Perhaps best to have two wallets (a cheaper one for daily casual use and more expensive one for professional wear).

    Get something cheaper yet still says I have money f off
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