Barclays shut my account down can i open new one? Watch

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I had a abank account open with barclays (under 18) i had 300-600 on average going in my account each month through either bank transfer or paypal withdrawals.My account was closed due to me making some stupid mistakes of not sending a couple items to 2 very rude customers they payed through Bank transfer (i relised what id done and sent them the clothing when my account was under review) i tooke these reciepts in branch but they still had my account on review. i had a few hundred in this account and they closed it without sending me a letter of notice or anything. I spoke on the phone to an advisor and he told me the likelyhood is it will get closed so i did expect this but was hoping not, but my card got declined and my bank has never worked since. I am now looking to get a part time job but i would need a bank to recieve my wages. Does anyone know if there would be any problems with me opening a new account with lloyds i have applied online and am going in branch when i get the chance to open it but will they turn me down due to my past? Is there also any way i would be able to get my money back as i have recieved no letter or anything telling me how to get my money out i am worried as this is all my money i have at the moment

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