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    Well it wasn't even a date to be honest, just a 'meetup' with someone who'd messaged me the night before.

    It was on a language exchange site, and he was Romanian. He messaged me asking if I wanted to go for a coffee and do a French/English exchange as he was looking to learn the language.

    He looked a similar age to me on the picture; I wasn't looking for a date or anything and just thought of it as the chance to maybe make a new friend.

    Anyway, he turned up... 55 minutes late Without an explanation. I had already drunk my drink and had left him a voicemail to say I was leaving, when suddenly he arrived in the cafe. So I decided to give him a chance.

    First of all, he was definitely much older than the photo represented.. and then he was just.. odd. He was sitting way too close to me and acting in a bizarre manner.

    The thing that weirded me out was that I asked him his age and he started talking about 'objectivity and subjectivity' and couldn't give me a straight answer.

    I went 'to the toilet', went to the bar to pay for my drink and then just went out the door and ran down the road.. I texted him that 'an emergency' had come up, and he thought I was still in the toilet, so he went there to 'help me' (as he texted me)

    I replied saying I'd had to leave the cafe but that I'd 'see him soon',and then I just blocked his number.

    I realise that was probably really immature and maybe cruel of me to just disappear but I wasn't sure what else to do in this situation. Should I text him again to apologise? And tell him straight I don't want to see him again?

    I wouldn't-he should have the hint by now

    No, do not contact him again. If he can't be open and honest about his age, he deserves nothing.
    You did fine. Your behaviour was sensibly defensive.
    Next time, after you've scarpered the meeting place, simply text something along the lines of "Bye. Have a nice life."

    You may also want to reduce your deadline from 55 minutes to 20.

    Agreed - do not contact that guy, sounds super weird.

    Don't be afraid to tell people they're acting weird or tell them to back off. But I don't think your behaviour was out of line - made me laugh
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    thanks for the replies, glad to know I did the right thing! Yeah, never had an experience like it before that's for sure haha
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