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    So, I understand this is a touchy topic. And I would appreciate honest answers and opinions (no hate or trolls). But a few months back I was at a girlfriends house and we got pretty drunk. She ended up inviting our mutual male friend over. This male friend has had a crush on me for years but has never made me feel uncomfortable or crossed any lines. Later into the night I was way too drunk to go home so I went up stairs to sleep in the guest bedroom and he was in there waiting for me. He started coming onto me and I said no and told him I had to go home. My girlfriend came in and saw him coming on to me and thinking it was funny, pulled my pants and underwear down. Things escalated from there and I kept saying no and trying to leave but I was too plastered to fully understand the situation I was in. I just knew what was going on was not right and I had to leave. The next thing I remember was crying in my underwear in her back yard and then I woke up the next morning on the floor. Now rumors started circling around that he assaulted me and his response was “it couldn’t have been assault because she was on top of me” which I don’t remember but could be true. Was this assault? Can I take him to court? Do I have to take the female to court as well? FYI this entire thing happened when I was in a relationship and it has affected us a lot. Please help.

    Yes it was sexual assault.

    You don't seem to have any evidence that would stand up in court. Shame, as they deserve the full punishment of the law.
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    Hey, it's a tricky one because you don't remember it all. But I think it's worth making a report with the police. I would only tell them what you rememebr because that guy could say anything. But it sounds like they trapped you and assaulted you from what you do remember. If he has done anything like this before it might be on record too.

    How old are you all?
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