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Please help not sure if she actually likes me? watch

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    So basically me and this girl have been on and off for 2 years and I no at times that she has loved me. However over the last like 6 months we haven't spoke at all sober mainly because we're both shy I think(both 18 btw). However whenever she's drunk she acts really cute, flirty with me and tells me she likes me etc. Basically anytime she's drunk and I'm there she's with me and if I'm not there 50% of the time she'll text me telling me r to meet her etc and will phone me wanting to talk. All my friends also say she's obsessed with me as she often asks them where I am and she tells them she wants me etc. However when she asks me out drunk and we plan a date she flakes the night before. And I messaged her once sober and she was really blunt she says this is because she's shy and that she feels like i feel sorry for her but I not sure if she actually likes me or just wants attention

    I guess the only way to know is to ask her on a date and be more forward. If she keeps messing you around just give up and tell her that you did really like her but it's not going anywhere.. And if she really likes you then she will try back. Hope it works out

    She likes you. Ask her out.

    Shes probably too shy to talk to admit her feelings when she's sober, they only way you'll know is if you talk to her

    just go over to hers and have a date. surprise her and make more of an effort.
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    I agree with Emsjames. I've done it to a guy before tbh because we would only ever text or see each other on nights out when he was incredibly drunk, and I didn't want to face the awkwardness of a sober date. I did like him but I eventually tried to drift from him (which is also awful) just because I knew I didn't like him enough to go through with a sober date which could potentially lead to a relationship, but I equally didn't want to lead him on.
    Maybe try inviting her to a party/pre drinks or the pub or something. Somewhere a bit more chilled where she can still drink and feel a bit more comfortable but not a night out where you're both very drunk. I think maybe the thought of a sober dinner or coffee date is a bit daunting for her. Or potentially seduce her on a night out and bring her back to yours. Can have nice one on one time and then in the morning you can have cute bed chats and have breakfast together.
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