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    I'm a second year uni student. I've never enjoyed uni and have wanted to leave since I started 2 years ago but I stuck it out. Each semester it got harder and harder to return to uni, I would cry my eyes out, and just want to quit.

    This semester things have gone rapidly downhill. I've started having panic attacks that are interrupting my sleep, I have a near permanent stress headache, feel totally overwhelmed to the point where I'm struggling to study because the words are swimming on the page and am utterly miserable. I have reached out and spoken to my personal tutor, I have registered with the on-campus counselling service, I have good friends who will support me, I look after myself (I keep active, make sure I eat good food) and am a member of a sports team. Only I still feel very out of place, I still hate it and I'm still in a massive state.

    Everything in me wants to press that 'withdraw from course' button. I feel as if I've reached my limit and the place I'm in just isn't healthy despite me following the usual advice. However I only have one year left. I don't know what to do because one year isn't a long time and okay I'm not on track to get a good degree, but I will have the qualification. I also don't have a back up plan so dropping out doesn't seem logical. On the other hand, a year of feeling utterly miserable, breaking down in tears every day and not being able to go a night without a panic attack over uni feels like a very long time.

    I'm torn between telling myself to stop being such a wuss and buckle under because many people with much worse problems can handle uni, but knowing if one of my friends was in this state I'd probably be telling them to take time out and maybe leave for their own health.

    I was hoping things would start improving once I admitted I needed, and asked, for help. But things aren't getting better. What do I do?

    take the advice you'd give a friend in your situation. plenty of people do fine in life without a university degree, especially if you're not on track to do very well in it. mental health is really important and it's not worth it to spend another year of your life miserable. take a fresh start, and maybe eventually you may want to go back to uni, and if not then there are a wide range of career paths that don't require a degree.
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