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    I've been given a few problem-solving scenarios as part of an apprenticesship I'm applying for and one of them is

    A client of ours is planning to build a new server room. To do that they need to refurbish their studio. Due to the nature of the project we are the IT managers of the technical upgrades and we have taken on the task of sourcing the contractors that can handle the job whilst managing the sensitivity of cable management and high quality finish.

    Find around 10 local companies that could be used to complete the job to the level we can be proud of.

    My question is what kind of company refurbishes studios/server rooms? An electrician? A builder? Would I need an IT technician company? I'm confused and I don't want to find companies that specialise in something completely irrelevant to what needs to be done.

    Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question lol.

    There are so many possible scenarios to this question. If s company has a server room they will have inhouse IT support who should be doing all the technical installations. You would need an electrician to do all the none server related electrical stuff like install wall sockets. A carpenter to put up any workspaces like benches etc.
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    The whole point of these questions is to see what sort of answers you would give. I'm hesitant to offer advice but sometimes there isn't a correct answer and it's more about seeing your thought process and justification. If you think a builder is necessary, simply find one and justify why that is. A well thought out answer, even if it is incorrect is better than an answer from strangers on the Internet.

    Also keep in mind that there's more than one way to skin a cat. There probably isn't a right answer. You might find a local IT technician company that also handles electrical wiring. You might not. You might find that the elctrical cabling is fine. You might think a builder is necessary for remodelling walls, which requires an electrician to fix wiring. Odds are there isn't a right answer and they are looking for your thought process. This is especially true for questions with limited information. Look at what they want, think about how you'd get there make a list of people you might need.
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