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    I've applied recently and I they said I haven't met the portfolio requirements. After reworking the whole thing, they still stand with their original decision. However, this time I have had absolutely no feedback, despite me spending 3 weeks on improving and creating artwork. If I can see what others have done then that would be really helpful. Thanks.

    Here is my portfolio

    I would say first of all that your portfolio has a lot of good work in it. There are areas that could benefit with improvement but I have no idea if those are the areas they have rejected you for. In the traditional drawing section you do need to watch your proportions, especially regarding sizes of heads in relation to overall body size, also length of limbs is often in need of correction - when you draw, are you measuring the form to ensure that you get the scales of body parts correct, because it looks to me like you just draw without guides - if you're super talented and have years of practice you can do that; but most people can't. It's possible they might be looking for more evidence of colour work in your portfolio - the digital paintings for example use limited colour palettes with little consideration for lighting effects on forms (where are the highlights and cast shadows etc) and there is a lack of finished paintings showing an entire composition in colour. They might also be looking for a more solid grasp of perspective; yours is somewhat mixed in quality and relies on one point perspective in places. Your 3D is good work for someone at your level, but because you are applying for games art course, maybe they wanted to see some realtime work in a game engine? Obviously all of these comments are guess work; for what it's worth I think your portfolio has a lot of promise in it. Good luck!

    I can pm you my portfolio if you want? I spent a lot of time creating my portfolio and got accepted to DMU.
    Overall I think they were looking for the pencil/observational drawings to be the strongest part of the portfolios, i didn't have any 3d modelling work in mine, and only 1 digital art piece and got uncond. offer. I just drew a bunch of objects and put them all together really

    I think your work is good but I think they would have liked to have seen some more detailed observational drawings as well as quick sketch ones (they like to see both i've found xD). Like how you perceive things and put them on paper, how you create values and lighting.
    I noticed you have a lot of character design/creation type work which is nice especially for a game art course, but it's not essential when applying. I think they prefer seeing how you observe rather than how you create.

    But yeah just let me know if you want me to send you the link to mine. Good luck with your other places ^^

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