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    Hey i get really bad anxiety around big crowds . I even stop going out to hang with friends because my anxiety that bad . I feel alone and it sucks I let it take over me . I just don’t know what to do .
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    I suffered from horrendous anxiety a few years back, the anxierty developed in to full blown panic attacks. I would not wish these on my worse ememy. Do you know when they started? Was it a particular event? I suffered for about 18 months, but I also had other underlying mental health issues. These days I feel better than before.

    Dont be too hard on yourself, this is super common and with some care will go away.

    I have social anxiety so I can totally relate to what you’re saying! What worked for me was:

    1) getting on anxiety medication
    2) graded exposure. I got to a point where I couldn’t even leave the house, so I was in a pretty bad way and terrified of going outside. Someone from CAMHS would come round to my house every other day and do something small. Going outside and walking up and down the street progressed to walking around the estate, to walking into town, then to having a coffee at costa. Little steps to do the normal things gradually reintroduced me into normality at a pace that was good for my anxiety.
    So you feel like you can’t hang out with friends, start by meeting a friend for a coffee. Something low pressure. Then build up to bigger activities with more people slowly, and one day you’ll be in those big crowd situations and not feel bad!

    Another good thing to to get CBT therapy which teaches you to challenge your thoughts. Being able to recognise the anxiety thought and realise that it isn’t true, that it shouldn’t hold power over you. They teach you good coping mechanisms too.

    Sorry this was so long, point is I’ve been there and I conquered it, so you can too! I felt exactly like you describe, isolated from everyone and terrified of going into crowds. My friends would get annoyed because I would always cancel on plans, I couldn’t go to parties or shopping centres or anywhere really. I still have bad days, but most of the time I am absolutely fine in situations that would have given me a panic attack when I was younger. It gets better I promise. :console:
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    Here's a couple of things I do to get over my social anxiety:

    -Whenever I start to think negatively or picture a scenario that stresses me out I force myself to think 'oh whatever'
    -Then I just accept the anxiety, like let it do whatever it wants, if its gonna make you feel shakey and worried then just think 'fine, ok, you do you, anxiety'.
    -Next I try to tell myself what I'm actually feeling is excitement! Because when you're excited you have the exact same chemicals in your body, you're just reacting to it differently. So I'm excited for my driving test, for example.
    -Finally, do not allow yourself to be idle, and to carry on thinking negative thoughts. Do something else, engage your brain.

    Other things that can help - exercise, water, sleep, what you eat, lower your coffee intake, meditate!

    I hope you start to feel better soon
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