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    Hi guys,

    I'm currently an FY1 in Scotland though I am planning on leaving the foundation programme prior to starting FY2. For a variety of reasons I've come to the conclusion that medicine as a career/profession doesn't really align with what I want from life and I'm thinking of training in Psychotherapy.

    I'm wondering if I do this, will I be able to pick up locum shifts next year as an FY1/FY2 or is this not really a possibility? I've seen it mentioned in other posts but nothing seems to be conclusive.

    Thanks for any help,

    I believe that you can take locum FY1 shifts once you are an FY2.

    Why wouldn't you stick out F2 and then do Psychiatry training?

    Psychotherapy is a psychiatric subspecialty after all, and psych training would hopefully be sufficiently different to 'normal' medicine that you'd tolerate it.
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    When i was doing locums post-FY2 they really weren't fussy about my qualifications lol. I'm pretty sure you'd be able to pick up SHO shifts, if you felt competent enough.

    I agree with the above in terms of waiting it out. Psych training is just one year away and is notoriously easy. You get fully educational days every week (my CT1 psych friend currently gets 2 educational days and one admin day per week for his community psych placement...), and you can choose to start focusing on psychotherapy relatively early i think. There are some on calls but they are nothing like on call medicine! At my old hospital you could reasonably expect to not have to leave the on call room (which has a bed) all night! It is also not very competitive, so could probably work at the site you want. It is difficult to see why you would not stick it out.

    You could easily pick up locum shifts as an FY1 but I would be more cautious about picking up FY2/SHO locums, especially in more acute specialities.

    Often it’s the SHO that drives the take. The FY1 will be pulled away to do menial tasks and the reg can easily get tangled up in very sick patients. The SHO is therefore expected to see the bulk of patients and take referrals. It’s always very obvious when the SHO is very junior vs more experienced.

    If it’s just a day job shift then it would probably be fine.
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Updated: March 14, 2018

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