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    Hello! I'm in Year 11, starting this a bit late I know (omg, it's March already??!!!!) aah. I'm targeted straight 8s, I want to get everything to that first before I try getting 9s in things.

    My recent predicted grades are:

    DECEMBER 2017

    English Language - 6
    English Literature - 6
    Maths - 9
    Biology (this is my favourite science, of the 3!) - 7
    Chemistry (doing bio and this for A-Level, oof) - 8
    Physics (doing triple instead of combined) - 8
    Computer Science (chosen) - 8
    German (chosen over spanish) - 7
    History (chosen over geog, I suck at countries ) - 7
    RE (actually a decent subject, most of the time) - 8

    FEBRUARY 2018 (most recent)

    English Language - 7!!
    English Literature - 7 (honestly I'm so proud of this, I'd kinda thought I couldn't get any better for the actual exam )
    Maths - 9 (idk I just find the questions easier bc of how it leads on with clearest things first inside a Q)
    Biology - 8
    Chemistry - 8
    Physics - 8 (since the start of Y10, this is the first time I've been the same across all sciences, thank god :' )
    Computer Science (I've accidentally ended up doing coding as procrastination, like as work we've started in class, esp over the past week ) - 8
    German - 7 (stayed the same, but hey - at least it's not gone down )
    History (also the same, but since like, this weekend, I sometimes end up taking notes that we'll do in the next lesson so I can take a bit of breather/go slower when we get to the actual lesson/maybe I'll get more time to revise later, who knows ) - 7
    RE (I'm finally starting to get my head around how the essay questions should be structured, yay. I wrote it in my book's front cover, tbh. But I keep forgetting to look. oops) - 8

    What I hope to achieve with this thread:

    I guess this isn't really an official GYG? Honestly I was just happy that I thought of a way to make English Lit seem that bit less daunting (I'll tell ya later, don't worry ). Also I've finally been feeling more productive 'sure-I've-got-this-it's-not-too-bad-tbh-I'm-gonna-survive-this, actually-I'm-going-to-rock-it' rather than '*alarm bells* OH **** MAN YOU DONT GOT THIS YOU SEE??? LOOK HOW MANY DAYS YOU HAVE LEFT!)

    Brief History of how terribly(???) my exam revision stuff has gone so far:

    Tbh this year started as me being not too bothered with revising and exams, I was just trying to learn the stuff we were doing and doing a lot of MyMaths to pass time. Then around December I started on/off revising, not very structured, more like making these posters for each science topic (honestly, I haven't looked at those, they're kinda scattered all around my house). Then January time or something, I started looking at some tips and stuff (spent a lot of time pretending to be productive looking at revision ideas on here and stuff), made a revision timetable too (although I've kinda been inconsistent with following it). Currently my timetable is organised into half-hour slots, e.g. I'll do half an hour of chem stuff directly followed by say, half an hour of history, then have a half-hour break and do another 2 half hours until tea (about an hour) etc).

    Science Revision - what I've done and what I need to do

    I should have made a timetable for what I was going to revise and when it would be done, but I haven't gotten round to it yet. My key focus is making flashcards for everything (particularly science). I've done C3 (Quant. Chem), I skipped C1 and C2 because I feel like I've mostly got those under the hat? I'll probably just read through them and do a couple of paper questions. Biology has been somewhat scattered, I've skipped B1 but plan to do flashcards on the cell cycle and asexual reproduction from that. B2 etc I'll do at some point, but B5 is so scary I've been avoiding it so far.

    Physics is similar but we're not as far and the last recent few modules have almost skimmed right over my head, although I did start making a mastersheet of all the formulas (except the really, really obvious ones that you can figure out from the units - like speed/distance/time).

    Recent mock exams

    The most recent trials we've done are the ones we're halfway through now, English Lit Paper 1 I kind of bombed - 34/64, I forgot we were doing one at all so hadn't revised anything. Language was quite good, I've gone up 13 marks since Xmas and got 60/80 this time! Maths Paper 3 was easier than Paper 1, I feel quite confident about both and timing was quite decent, altho we haven't gotten our marks back yet (Maths Paper 2 and Lang Paper 2 are both tomorrow, we'll probably get our marks by Friday and go through them next week probably, idk.

    What I decided/realised about a new approach to English Lit revision:

    Anyway the brainwave I had about English Lit revision is that I was totally over-complicating the number of quotes I had to memorise - I was doing all the ones I could write about, instead of streamlining it more to about 2/3 per character (maybe about 4/5/6 for Romeo and Juliet?)

    And poetry...

    ... like Poppies for instance, I highlighted 6 one or two word quotes. I had been aiming for 4, but it was okay because I found I could kind of pair them up?

    Like I had "bandaged" + "slowly melting",
    "intoxicated" + "song bird"
    "playing at being Eskimos" & "steeled the softening of her face" (this last one isn't great but the Eskimo thing was quite memorable because last night I quickly googled some context: family was super important to the Inuit people - they'd often hunt together, 6-8 fams at a time, and gender roles were very important, with women cooking, ironing, looking after the family and generally being more traditionally domesticated.

    I also wanted to put something about how the mother wanted to not necessarily go back to a previous time exactly, but just one with more clarity & simpler, but in the exam I forgot what I'd read to support that - it was about arranged marriages, although that's simpler, ig??, it's not what people would generally want to do if they had loved ones - like how her son is being taken from her to fight for his country and to do something heroic, but deep down it isn't what she'd ideally like, it's just almost a necessity).

    Comparing poems in my notes:

    Anyway, I had also started doing sheets for structure/form for each poem, limiting it to 1 side each. I tried to do it in complementary pairs, as in so hopefully if I put them together I'd get something for every theme. In case idk, I just quickly grabbed a sheet to do some last minute revision morning of the exam, or something.

    Kamikaze (Beatrice Garland) - https://imgur.com/a/d3fSw
    War Photographer (Carol Ann Duffy), I put this on the other side - https://imgur.com/a/tZkFk

    The stuff I was doing the poem quote-picking on was also one side per poem, but this time I paired it into similar poems - so far I have Bayonet Charge/Poppies and Remains/War Photographer.

    https://imgur.com/a/JQgMZ - annotated just the above quotes on Poppies (ffs every time I've typed that these last couple of days I've put Poopies, no joke).

    I'm trying my best do only match each poem once, obviously there's only 15 poems so I might do a three-way one with a really long poem and staple it to a sheet with 2 poems that are all similar (not sure which ones yet. What I might do is just compare a long one with a short one and try and squeeze it into 2 sides.) I might also do My Last Duchess/The Prelude, although RIP these are both so lonnngg!!!! Maybe I'll include context too, IDKK!

    I'll try and update this maybe once a week, until then... Peace out, don't forget to scoff some fruit and have ur deserved rest!!


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