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I'm 18. I failed all of my GCSEs, the grades are all below C/4, I have 1 D, E, F and the rest are Us. I did complete functional skills at entry level 3 English, maths and entry level 3 animal care. I am doing level 1 functional skills English and maths now.

I found a few courses I would like to do, it's pre access for 1 year to get GCSEs English and maths at grade C/4 or 5, access course in animal management for 1 year, a degree for 2 years then maybe an extra year after the 2 year, but the extra year is a choice. I will be 19 in November so by the time I started pre access I'll still be 18 so age isn't bothering me it's bothering me that I currently have no decent qualifications right now.*

I failed GCSEs due to severe anxiety, depression, I rarely went to school due to these problems and anaemia, I was also having trouble with some people and getting bullied during GCSEs so everything was against me at the time, I also wasn't well in college so couldn't progress on to level 1 animal care after entry level 3 but now my mental health is no where near as bad which is why I went back to college but a different one and I'm doing level 1 functional skills. In year 9 despite my attendance being low I was getting D's and E's which were really good considering I wasn't in a lot, I could've got Cs if I was okay but I wasn't.*

Anyway I just need advice on the situation and the fact that the degrees want you to have Cs in science, I have an E, do I try and retake the science as well as English and maths and speak to the college about it?

The degrees are Foundation Science Degree - Zoological Management*
BSc Hons Zoological Management and Conservation

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