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    Ok I am 18 years old going to be 19 my mom have all my documents ,social , residency ,my card ,money etc ...I can't even go buy anything for myself ,no friends nothing I have my best friend come to my house and she got mad so frustrated why I make friends she never make friends since she was little and I know this is a lye you can get friend so easy if you in school easily to have a friend ...everyday she come home I have to clean the house every day she will get mad pissed off I have my 2 year old brother ,and my 6 year old sister they always make mess and she have to blame it on me if I was not here,I have my school work I always get so frustrated cannot study do my homework nothing.i try to move out on the house she got mad pissed off call my dad on me to beat me up who do you think I am .I am a teen ,and I can't not give her response back she will call my dad to slap me ,I always lock my room door to do my work , study ,cause I have so much homework to do cause college really hard ,and to study ,and he always stop me from my work to change my brother diaper shower them etc...and I told him sorry I'm very busy can you do it he got mad get really pissed off for that when I was a baby that's what my mom ,and him always do for me I never seen him since I was little my mom done everything for me when I was little ,and feel so frustrated and say to myself why I don't have no boyfriend never get pregnant been so good so I can have time to study and do my homework and now I'm take care my brother ,my brother look like a child I was born which is not true they don't have no time to take of my 6 year old sister and 2 year old brother I do everything change pull ups pee ,poop,I have to change everything do everything ,cook,help my sister with her homework she haven't done anything for them I have to help my little sister with a lot of work ,and I don't even have time to do my own homework and I have to do my homework at late night don't sleep .my mom doesn't even stayed at the house she works at night get so tired and lay down the bed and I have to do everything lot of day she finish eat on a plate she left it dirty disgusting all the thing she cooked food stayed so dirty I have to go wash everything and I feel like I will throw up .my dad come from work and told me to wash his clothes with my hand for him he doesn't have time to wash I feel like this is so ****ing ******** if I don't washed got pissed off yelled at me if I try to talk to him he won't let me ****ing talk he will slap me hit me take belt and hit me and he never do that to my sibling .I have to wash it and go put it outside to get dry for him,I have to take food for him every ****ing morning so he can go to work ,I don't do it I will get yelled beat up .and they doesn't want me to go to work and they will crack on me I don't know when they doing something good for me ,they don't let me go to work cause of my school blah blah which is a lye they want me to take care the kids for them and clean the house.i have my friend I can't even invite my friend house she's my best friend for so long .I need to go do my hair I can't .every day my brother won't let me sleep he will get up at night time to wake me up go get him juice , Food ,and other staff.everyday my dad is their not sleeping and I already in deep sleep he have to wake me up go take food for my brother and change him died at midnight 1:00 am and other time too .to get up in deep sleep to go give my brother food I feel like to kill myself I'm really confused,I feel like they treat me like an servant .they have my social my everything ,Everytime I need to go take my driver license test they will say **** when I was in high school I loose the test because of my social security card and i try to ask them they won't let me this is dangerous if anyone stole the social security card I will get in big trouble I know she won't let me take the test when I was 15,16 she will say I'm too small when I get 18 she bring on the DMV driver test I was so scared shaking my heart beating so fast I can't stand and then I take the driver license test I fail the first time is just because she was there I will have take it and passed it long time ,second time same thing ,third time same thing again i fail but I lied to her say I pass and she go and ask they say no I don't pass she got mad call me dummy stupid idiot lot of name she doesn't love me and say to her I am an college and pass all my **** how can be dummy. She tell everyone that her friend,her sister and all other I am so ****ing dummy she doesn't understand me I came in Florida so little I do middle school, high school,and college and I am so ****ing dummy like this.and then I ask her to give me all my stuff , passport, residency,and other I will go take it myself,she say no ,I don't know what can I do anymore please somebody help.

    Where do you live. I sounds like it’s time to get in some professional help. Tell a school counsellor , teacher or ring a local helpline because that is not a healthy way to live.
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    I'm really sorry to hear about this situation.

    If I'm reading this correctly, it seems to me that you're in a position where you're being exploited, taken advantage of and abused. It's important that you get help from someone about this. Speak to a member of staff that you trust in school, or contact childline or another similar service. It's really great that you're raising this, that you're finding yourself able to release this, get it off your chest rather than contain it, but don't try to deal with this alone.:nah:
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