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Am I right to be angry at my girlfriend for this? watch


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I agree. I don’t think blocking was a good idea. You will still be obsessing about what messages she might be trying to send. It’s too dramatic and too much of a cop out in my opinion. It’s what people do when they have no will power. I guess if it’s what you need for the first week then keep her blocked. But I don’t want you then unblocking her and sending a message telling her you’ve unblocked and are ready to talk. Because then it’s just pointless. You need to be able to receive her messages and just look at them and maybe reply in your head or in a note. You can’t hide from her. But just do not reply. It’s better for the moving on process if you do block and are able to ignore instead of just deleting her from your life so you don’t have to deal with it
    First girl ruined me. I ghosted her as she was manipulative like the above, it was an immature response to an immature woman and haunted me for years. Second girl I blocked but then unblocked, eventually I didn't even bother, I met someone else and she (the second girl) sent me a picture of herself trying to play all nice and I just ignored it. Ouch, hope that hurt the cow ha

    (Original post by Hurtandconfused)
    I have just got home from a night of waiting around and I am feeling very insulted right now. My girlfriend has been kind of avoiding me lately, for no apparent reason at all. I have seen her once in the past 2 weeks, and she stayed at mine and assured me that she loves me and wants the best for us. She told me this morning that she wanted to stay at mine tonight and spend time with me, and so we planned that we would meet each other at 5pm after my last lecture. She has said this a number of times recently before finding a reason not to come, but today she promised me that she would meet me at 5 and spend the evening together.

    At 5pm, I messaged her to say that I had finished uni. However, whereas we were supposed to meet at the campus café, she instead told me that she was at the Waitrose near her house and that I should come there to meet her. This is about a 30 minute walk from campus and on arrival I started looking around for her in store but couldn't find her. I connected to the store wifi and she had sent me a message saying that she was feeling tired and had gone home for a nap. She refused that I should come and see her and told me to wait there for a little while. An hour and a half later, she sent me another message telling me that a couple of her housemates had just invited her to the local pub for dinner, and that she "Couldn't turn them down". I was frustrated and angry but at the same time just wanted to spend time with her, so I told her I would wait and then meet her, to which she didn't reply. The pub is right by the Waitrose and I saw the car go by a little later with her and her housemates in. I sat around for another hour and a half waiting to meet her, only to see the car go past again with her in it, and then when she got home she told me she was tired and wanted to go to bed, and then told me that I was too attached to her if I stood waiting all that time.

    The truth is, yes...I am too attached to her. I don't know why I love this girl. She is beautiful, the first year of our relationship was the best year of my life and we shared a very tight and loving bond. However, she has done things like this many times before and she is what I would regard as a psychopath. She has no empathy, is narcissistic, causes drama and in general I feel like she is a succubus sucking the life out of me, but I am hopelessly in love with her. I don't know what to do...I feel so depressed being with her but at the same time being in her company is the only thing that brings me happiness. I feel so emotionally tortured but I can't contemplate the horrible thought of living without her, as she is everything to me. It's a very unhealthy relationship and the reality of it is that she is a terrible partner but I am sucked in.

    Tonight was a classic example of her attitude and I am reaching the end of my tether. I actually felt suicidal after I realised I would not see her tonight and probably not at all for a while. I feel so unvalued, and like she is messing me around on purpose to hurt me.

    Ngl but clearly she is not good for you. It is not fair on you, it looks to me she loves to have A boyfriend and doesn't actually love you she loves herself more than anything and can't see that.
    Sorry but what's going on between you two is not good for you
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