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    My life was really good then one day it all stopped and it stayed horrible and I lost myself and became a weirdo and was suffering for a whole year. It ended and I became regular again only for 2 months and a bit until today the same bad stuff all came to me again. I really hate it and I'm kind of muted I can't really do anything I did before, I lost everything including myself again. I have no friends, no attention, no life, all I do is cry and suffer. I can't live like this anymore
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    How do you spend your time in a day?

    Hi there,

    I'm very sorry to hear that you feel like your suffering.

    The first thing, I'd like to say is that you are most definitely not a weirdo. Everyone is different, and if people think your weird, or are making fun of you, then they are unkind, and you should avoid them. You should be proud of yourself, and I am honestly not saying that in a cringey way, I actually mean it. No one is like you, and that should make you feel really special; it may take you a while to appreciate yourself, but start slowly. Avoid saying negative things about yourself. If someone is making you feel bad about yourself then move away.

    Another thing is , is that it is ok to cry. Crying, although it means your upset, allows you to pour out all those feelings you are holding, so that they are no longer inside you making you feel horrible. It can make you a little calmer; so when you feel the tears coming, just let it all out, rather thn holding it in.

    Although you may think you have no friends, I'm sure there are one or two people who do like you. Strenghten your relationship with them, and maybe get them to introduce you to their friends; as I know going to a club or society when your feeling this low , can be very daunting.

    If you honestly feel like you have no friends, then maybe take a stroll in a park, where there is losts of greenery. Go early in the morning if you want to avoid people. The walk will make you feel fresh and calm, and your worries will unwind. You may even like to take photos of the wildlife, or paint a picture of the scenery at the park. This will allow you to develop a hobby, and you will feel happier, I'm sure.

    Just keep on trying, even if it takes ages, you are resilient !

    I send you kindness and resilience,

    All the best

    Hang in there dude. You've got through once before where everything felt normal so hopefully you'll get through again.

    Stay around people, even if you don't have friends, visit your family - stay preoccupied - dont let your thoughts consume you. At the very least try to be happy.
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