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Is it better to run a mile than walk/run 3? watch

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    My fitness levels are not great. Although I've lost a fair amount of weight, the majority of the weight loss has been due to changes in diet and have not been cardio driven.

    My ultimate goal would be to do a 15-20 minute 5k but that's a long term thing. I'm going to join a training regime with a local running club from mid April if they accept me but till then, I'll see what I can do at my gym.

    I've been focusing on trying to make my treadmill sessions longer and usually end up alternating between walking and running 5k (3 miles). I wonder if it would be best to focus on getting a consistent mile even if it does kill my endurance for the session perhaps walking and trying some light jogging for the rest of the half an hr.

    So you're aiming at improving your time on a 5k yeah?The best thing to do for that out of running and walking would be running. To develop your timing on this, set yourself mini goals for each session you perform, for example on improving time, perform the required distance and record the time achieved. Your aim for the next session would be able to improve on this time by even a couple of seconds and so forth, over time you would eventually shorten this time as your body physiologically adapts. If you are struggling to complete a 5k by just jogging then you can first start on improving your ability to run a set distance. To do this you would run to a set distance or one that you could do, say 3k and then, similarly to above, try and improve this within your next session, so the same speed but aim to run for 3.2-3.5k.Progression takes time and comittment but stick at it and you'll smash it in no time!

    Different people have different opinions. Personally I find training walking breaks into my routine just encourages me to take them. I'd rather run as far as I can without stopping. But lots of people do couch to 5k which is based walk/running and reducing the walk breaks and they find it a really good program.
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