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I'm an A level student taking A2 examinations this year, and I'm really looking towards going to the US for a university, however, I'm really sad and disappointed by the fact that I may not be able to have a chance to get into Universities I wish to go to, and this is because I really messed up my AS level, screwing my chance up a lot for University applications...

Whilst I'm not an 'average' student, I usually get at least a C whenever I really mess up badly for tests. For example, my O Level results were decent, not insanely great but decent:

Mathematics B - A
English Literature - B
English Language - B
Chemistry - B
Physics - B
Accounting - C
German - C

When it came to A Levels, I really wanted to pick up on Further Maths, ICT, and Physics, however I didn't really do well for AS (like I mentioned earlier) and got these results:

Mathematics (AS Unit) - D
Further Mathematics (A2 Unit) - D
Physics - E

I focused most of my attention on ICT and Further Maths during the year, yet I still didn't do so well, and I actually had planned to drop Physics and continue Further Maths the next year. I messed up my first Unit Examinations (C1,C2) but gradually improved towards C3 and C4 (both of which scoring 53/75 from my school unit examinations) and I was told by my teacher that I could do well, but alas, I was unfortunate. Even for ICT, I did really well for all 3 units, maintaining an A grade throughout the 3 school terms, but for some odd reason my unit 2 mark was reduced from a 93% (school grade) to a staggering 68/100 for the final result and unit 3 was a complete flop. Overall, I was 5 UMS marks away to a B. I'd also like to add that EVERYONE in my grade who took ICT with me who also did well scored C, and the highest grade was a B. To summarize with physics, I was rather bored of it and showed a lack of interest with, and I never understood it so much, as the gap between AS and O Level was incredible.

After receiving these grades, I really didn't have any hope towards getting into a US university as I this was probably my biggest setback. I was sad, depressed and really upset with my grades and wasn't motivated to do anything. I sat for my SATs, did those fairly well (1200 on my 1st try and 1250 on my 2nd) and decided to apply anyway, yet no luck. I've already been rejected by 2 universities in california, and bound for another one that I applied to there as well.

My plan was to then instead of resit all of the Further Mathematics exams, I decided to take C12 and C34 to see if I could have a better chance at getting a quicker grade. I did Physics Unit 1 and 2 resits in January, and took C12 in January as well. Results for C12 were good (195/200) but Physics was just a 1 grade up improvement.

Also, in case anyone was wondering,
I applied to these universities (x is marked for rejected)

University of California, Irvine
University of California, Davis x
University of California, Riverside x
University of North Texas
Texas State University
Texas Tech University
University of Central Florida

I'm considering taking a gap year yet I really REALLY don't want to take one as I'll be all alone in my country, and I don't want to apply to any other country. Do I still have a chance? Is there still a way to get in to all the places I applied to?
TSR Jessica
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

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