Gallbladder surgery.

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'ello I'm Henry lol

17 and slightly unlucky lol

I have had very bad abdominal pain for 4yrs i first dismissed it as Trapped wind or something similar.

However after suffering for 4yrs i had a really bad abdominal pain attack in mid January this year i was crawling in agony.

Couldn't stand
couldn't sleep
Couldn't eat

etc etc

And i would also dry heave which made the pain 100 times worse!

After 2 days i started going downhill really fast, I started sweating profusely and my eyes and face turned a funny shade of yellow.

At this point i was rushed into A&E and i was immediately diagnosed with jaundice which caused the yellowness.

After several MRI scans and Ultrasounds i was also diagnosed with an inflamed gallbladder and Pancreatitis.

The pancreatitis was a "small attack" but it was still agony.

My doctor explained that the bile duct had been blocked by a stray gallstone.

The pancreas produces a bile that helps digest food it is neutral until it exits the pancreas once it exits it activates helping to digest food.

What happened with me is the stone stopped the fluid escaping and the bile activated inside my pancreas causing it to eat itself, hence the jaundice and crippling agony.

Now my question lol

I have to have my gallbladder removed for safety reasons because if the pancreas gets attacked too many times it starts to rot and or shut down.

It also produces an enzyme when its attacked which for some reason attacks the other major organs, and if this happens too many times i could kill me so i have no choice lol

Ok to the question lol

What is the pain after surgery like?

when can you resume standard duties, i tend to lift heavy stuff quite often, when can this be resumed?

Cheers Henry.
the bear
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sorry to hear about your troubles.

this may be useful:
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Many thanks Bear!

I'm also pondering what surgery they'll do, Open or keyhole?

My gallbladder is also 6mm think/inflamed apparently when it inflames it scars and stays inflamed forever, with me being "just under" i hope its the simple keyhole one lol

I'm also starting college in September so i hope it's been pulled and treated before then lol

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