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I’ve been looking at possibly practicing in the USA and I’ve also been looking at Canada. It’s very easy to find information surrounding the application process to residency in the USA, Canada seems very confusing however.

Has anyone considered practicing in Canada?

I’ve heard it’s very hard to find a job in Canada as an IMG. Has anyone else heard otherwise?
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I can perhaps give some information regarding this to you. Canada is a pretty confusing process, mainly because it doesn't have the volume to justify a formal national process, the individual provinces run their own healthcare systems and a lot of the information is scattered around dozens of confusing websites. Additionally, the information changes year on year such that you really need to learn through word of mouth.

Practicing in Canada is 100% doable, in the sense that a good 10-15% of our physicians in Canada are foreign trained a significant number of physicians in their 40s-60s are UK/Ireland trained.

As far as I am aware, Canada for family medicine, recognizes the medical and specialty training of the UK. Which means, if you were to finish your GP specialty training in the UK, you could practice in Canada pretty easily.

For specialties, British doctors do work in Canada and find jobs, typically, they complete their specialty training in the UK, complete a fellowship in Canada. Most will go back to the UK or to other countries, but a few will stay and find jobs in Canada.

If you want to complete residency training in Canada, it is impossible without Canadian citizenship or permanent residency. If you have Canadian citizenship or permanent residency, you apply through the CaRMS residency matching process, however you are considered an international medical graduate, and the competition for positions is much higher, there are typically 10 applicants for each spot, and the majority of spots are in primary care specialties like family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, with only a few positions in other specialties.

All in all, the best time to move to Canada as a physician is after you have completed your specialty training in the UK.

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