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I'm not contesting your decision to go to this type of establishment or do this course, but am just astounded by the number of people who do so under the illusion that it will significantly enhance their job prospects when they graduate.

I'm astounded by people, who think they are clever, yet offer no helpful advice whatsoever, whilst still maintaining to be obnoxious and pointless and then still don't understand that a degree from any University is obviously going to enhance one's job prospects.

Stothel was asking about fashion merchandising management, Westminster is probably the strongest place to do this type of course, as it has strong research scores in the arts and very strong links with the industry - so obviously it's going to be competitive in this area, you should look at this website Stothel:

As for other areas such as law and journalism (and apparently the biosciences), the latest news headlines from the Westminster home page, shows that Michael Mansfield QC (top Barrister) lectures at the university and Tony Blair's former communication chief has given a talk there, so obviously people need to understand that this place is obviously up and coming.
Freshers week
University of Westminster
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Hey, assuming you will be going to Wmin this September then???
Im going to be there, studying Fashion Buying! Wooop! Lol. And in response to what you said to 'Dionysus', well...I could not have said it better myself..
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Thanks C_D_forever, unlike others your advice actually was useful! I've checked out those websites before and to be fair Westminster seems to be the only appealing university that provides reputable fashion courses.

LCF - I wouldn't experience the real university life, as everyone would be taking fashion related courses. I'd prefer to be meet different people, as I live in NI I'm fed up of everyone being the same and just want a change! Plus the idea of being stuck in a university with females being the majority is not appealing to me whatsoever!

Epsom - Heard pretty bad reports about it! Still will check it out.

Retail academy - Again, isn't a proper university therefore no university experience!

I know there's a heap of other random universities throughout the UK that provide great fashion courses, but I just prefer the thought of London, not Manchester or somewhere! My dad is always in London fashion buying and my cousin also attends uni in London, so I guess I would see a lot of my family as well, without being with them all the time haha.

star888 - Ah, no unfortunately when you're starting uni I'll be starting my last year of school! Are you taking the fashion buying management course? Think that's what it's called..haha. What was it like applying? What experience do you have? EEP, just wandering as I really don't want to be 'under' experienced as such! Thanks again everyone.
studying the MA journalism (broadcast) course... it's fantastic
only downside was living in harrow halls...
had a LOT of problems living there...
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Ah, why what problems have you experienced?
excuse me are we talking about the university of westminister in central ?? im confused
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No, Harrow Campus in Harrow - North West London.
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...surrounded by "media" and "fashion" students. I haven't met such a group of shallow people, erm ever really.

Thanks, much appreciated...
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After receiving your mail Uber, I definitely have re-thought about going to this university. I had my doubts, but I guess I thought that anything short of the top 10 universities in the UK weren't good enough for the average TSR user, I thought wrong! The amount of people that have left negative comments regarding the quality of teaching, accomodation standards etc at this university shocks me! I've started looking into other business marketing courses, although I'm only 16 I've only one more year of school left and it's useful to get insight into courses so I've a vague idea of what I want to do before I've got to start attending open days (I live in NI, so I can't just drive to the open day, the fact I want to go to uni abroad makes this harder!).
I know the facts. It has a good fashion course but in comparison to the other 20+ universities i've gone to its awful. I base my responses on first hand experience. How many of you have been to 20+ other universities? Yes, I fell for the alumni thing too.

You can simply tell me I'm wrong and >prove it<

Why have you been to 20+ universities? Are you saying that you seriously have studied at that many establishments and dropped out of all of them? You sound like a disaffected student who couldn't get through his course and subsequently blamed everything on the university - Westminster has its share of these types of student who can't take responsibility for themselves expecting a Westminster degree to be a walk in the park and finding that it wasn't. I could be wrong, but are you now at a "top tier" university which outstrips Westminster in research and teaching? I'm guessing you aren't.

Looking at your post - it's hardly a balanced view and you know nothing about statistics. If you want to break it down, Westminster is obviously good for fashion, media and journalism - but it also has strengths in other areas such as linguistics/languages, law and politics/international relations.

If it was so bad it would be falling down the league tables with the other London ex-poly's, it has stayed static whilst its "peers" such as UEL etc. have dropped further down the tables to the very bottom. The major weakness with Westminster is that it is sticking to its old ethos of education for the poor and marginalised (which is what it was set up to do in 1838); whilst this is a commendable policy, it obviously affects the institution across the board - a slightly higher drop out rate and its fair share of students who can't hack the pace and thus blame their failure on the institution.

It is also clear to see that London ex-polys tend to fare much worse in the league tables due to London being a more expensive city to work, study and live in; add to this the type of student Westminster will admit (working class, poorer with much less support or just someone who is being very unrealistic and has no motivation) obviously this affects Westminster's perception - it doesn't mean that the institution is a bad one. I must add that the students who put their institution down when they are failing tend to be the middle class students with no motivation or gumption who tend to have higher expectations.

Despite all this, its RAE scores and research collaboration outstrips practically all of the ex-polys and "new new" universities at present. For a more objective view of a particular institution - people should be looking at sites such as Hero - I also think that students really should make a decision based on their own research, visit each place and talk to staff and students - something this important shouldn't be swayed by personal views from past students/staff who have an axe to grind.
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You've insulted and stereotyped me... Want positive rep? No chance.
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I know, I'm not considering Westminster AT ALL anymore. I've been intending on writing that on this post for a while now in order to stop the comments but haven't got round to it, but here we go anyway.
Ok here goes. I really haven't wanted to get involved in 'the Westminster Uni is crap' debate often seen on TSR (and yes I am going to Westminster Uni) and I do not want to get into an arguement but after reading the, quite frankly stupid and illogical statements posted about the Uni here, I can't stop myself. So here is a reaalllly long post.:rolleyes:

"It's a generalization. Please tell me that the fashion and media students at Westminster in HARROW are a completely diverse group of people with a variety of interests and the requirements of getting into the university are incredibly high which is reflected by the quality of the students there"

Wha...? You keep on saying that people should look at the facts but you obviuosyly haven't.

Look at the website, here are some examples - to get into the MA in Fashion Business Managment you need a 1st or 2:1 and a minimum two years work experience. To get into the MA in Global Media you need a 1st or 2:1. To get into the MA in Communications you need a 1st or 2:1. To get into the into the MA in Photojournalism you need a portfolio, relevant work experience and go through an interview. To get into the MA in Media Management you need a 1st or 2:1 and work experience. I could go on.

So yes I am telling you that the entry requirements are high and that the quality of students at Westminster are high.

Beyond what it takes to get in students at the School of M.A.D are given amazing opportunities. Students of the MA FDM can spend a summer semester in Hong Kong, Europe or the US. Journalism students are given the opportunity to intern at media organizations in London. Students of the MA in PR are helped to get industry placements. MAJI students can now also do work placements as a part of their MA in a media related job.

So honestly I feel bad for those who would miss these types of opportunities because they want to go to a uni with 'prestige' or need to base their decisions on unis on the opnions of others.

And yes I have talked to students from the degree I will be doing - one is working for the BBC and all others have good media jobs.

Also I don't understand what you are talking about when you say Westmins halls are bad...

"The housing is terrible locally. Furnival house is for central based students I'd say. The alternative housing at LSH isn't for students. It's for people working at the hospital"

huh? The halls at Harrow are modern, a new block made in 05 and all are ensuite. They just refurbished the Marylebone halls for 11 mill pounds, they are ensuite and in central London. Alexander Flemming is quite central and so is Wigram House (which is a converted mansion block). The uni has virtual tours of all its halls on the website so I'm not sure where u r getting this idea that the halls are bad.

I also believe you mentioned Harrow being isolated, or crap or something?

The Harrow campus is essentially for students of M.A.D, and thus has state of the art equipment for the teaching of Media, Music, Fashion, Photography etc courses. It has:
"12 professional recording studios, while radio has three fully-equipped self-op studios, editing suites of 22 Cool Edit Pro computersand five SADiEs for high-end editing, plus 70 portable mini-disc recorders"

a "photography area, with its suite of studios, dark rooms, print and finishing facilities and its extensive range of equipment has just installed an expanded digital suite and has invested in new high end equipment for digital imaging. The three professional frashion studios have also expanded to include a digital suite, while the School has also furnished new studios and high end computer facilities for Graphic Design, together with new laboratories and extensive rostrum and editing facilities for Animation"

The campus also has a new newsroom opened by the head of the BBC, which she said is better than some of the newsrooms the BBC has. It also has a new multi media studio.

The Harrow campus is modern, it has facilities other unis don't and is a world class place to study the kind of courses mentioned above. So the Harrow Campus is not 'undeniably crap'.

You say here that you've visited 20+ unis and in another you say you've visited more than 30....

Um oh-kay.

I'm amazed that you could visit 10 additional unis between posts! Quite a feat!

Also I'm pretty sure that people who do take part in the rankings in a proffesional capacity (as I beleive you have claimed you do) don't or aren't allowed to come on student forums and attack universities, subjects and students taking those subjects...

I used to take the posts on TSR against Westminster seriously but after reading the nonsense posted by Uber and others here I am glad I chose not to base my decision on what are essentially narrow minded and uneducated rants from people who might or might not be slightly delusional.

ugh ok so there is my massive post, I am sure I will be insulted/told off for stating the fact that *gasp* Westminster is a reputable and great uni in it's own right.
ugh and it's still early in the morning here so there are a lot of spelling mistakes in that post :p:
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Well, I didn't expect this thread to turn into a full blown debate but heck it's amusing :p:

I reckon the best thing to do is to visit the university, I'm doubtful that I'll go to Westminster but I'll still check it out and on the basis of my own opinion I will choose whether to go there, or not.
I've posted this in the other forum - but I think it deserves to go in to this one also:


Having personally visited over 30 universities, choose a better university. The University of Westminster deserves every bit of its negative reputation. The teaching is appalling. The facilities are terrible and they recently have changed the tuition free refunds to one week. This means you have one week to decide if you like the university. Visit many other universities and choose, use the times and other ranking guides for an indication of their quality.

From personal experience I have only met gangsters and people of dubious ability.

I strongly suggest you do not waste your money by going to this "London" university. It plays on its location while you pay for its continued existence. Do more research and London is largely overrated.

Oh right - so it's 30 universities and not 20 - ok.....aren't you at LJMU (Liverpool John Moores)? After visiting 30+ universities, couldn't you have plumped for one in the top 70 or one with a distinctive heritage or one that is up and coming? You'll most likely find the people of dubious ability leave pretty early. As for the tuition fee refunds of only a week - you're right, they give you a full refund if you leave a week in to teaching, hoping that you haven't been half-witted enough to not do any research and just picked any degree and uni. They give a 50% refund if you leave before 1 April - this is in comparison to some universities which offer no refund at all - no matter what happens. UCL for instance do not offer a refund and may offer partial refunds in special circumstances - so I don't know what point you were trying to make there.

As for all your other comments concerning the teaching and facilities, you may have been smoking crack with Whitney Houston, because like flugestuge above, it seems as though you are prone to making things up. Basically it is clear that you have had some beef with Westminster, academically/administratively or both and it was probably your fault, but you weren't grown up enough to admit it.

As for Flugestuge commenting on it being the "worst university in Europe" I even doubt you know where Europe is, or even your elbow - let alone pass comment on which universities are superior in Europe!
bahaha, CD Forever that 'Whitney Houston crack' comment - priceless
It depends what campus you are on. There are 4 which are cavendish, regents, harrow and Marlborough.
The best one is harrow which supports arts etc.
Marl is opposite madam tussauds and is where the student union is situated. Its not too bad in there....just a tad guetto and full of RnB music.
Regents is ok, its right by oxford street which is good.
Cavendish is ****e!!!!
Its the biosciences and i.t campus. I was so misserable there.
I have just withdrawn and i'm not attending city in sept.
The place wasnt friendly at all.
I twas a joke.

Harrow is the best thing at westminster,. Its located near wembly i think and everything is on campus, including the halls. Its a like a student village and a separate uni on its own.
If you're in harrow, you'll be fine.

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I have deleted all my posts and will delete this account, well they dont delete accounts it seems so no more posts from me.

I am tired of trying to help humanity and have it thrown in my face. You are children who know very little of the world yet you blithely preach and lie when you know absolutely nothing. You have no experience of the world, no experience of at all. You base your decisions on a tiny amount of data. Your desperate search for status/wealth/power clouds every word. I have wasted enough of my time with those who have achieved nothing and will achieve nothing. Goodbye.

If you're stupid enough not to do your research, it's entirely your own fault. Then again, from experience, most, if not all of humanity is mentally backward. Please go watch big brother, or get "pissed" every night, or try and get a "shag", or look "fashionable", or try to be "popular". Better still. Go to school, go to uni, get a job, have children, then sometime later, die.

To those people actually looking for help, I'm sorry, your on your own. It is neither worth my time or effort arguing with these insignificant nobody's. Nobody really worth listening to would post here..
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I am tired of trying to help humanity and have it thrown in my face. You are children who know very little of the world yet you blithely preach and lie when you know absolutely nothing. You have no experience of the world, no experience of at all. You base your decisions on a tiny amount of data. Your desperate search for status/wealth/power clouds every word. I have wasted enough of my time with those who have achieved nothing and will achieve nothing. Goodbye.

This is easily the funniest post I've read for a long while.

'helping humanity', lol.

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