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Freshers Week, University of Bath
University of Bath
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Best off doing psychology at Bath (or Warwick, or Durham, or York)?

I've just got unconditional offers from Exeter, York, Durham, Warwick and Bath to study psychology later this year. I thought I would immediately accept Bath if they gave me an offer, but I am starting to have doubts after visiting. The campus just seemed a bit small and void of any student life. It seemed that everything revolved around sport and that there would be little else to do to socialise. But maybe I'm wrong (did visit on a Sunday). Is it easy enough to get into the centre of Bath even with that hill?

Also, does the psychology placement year at Bath make it worth accepting rather than Warwick or Durham? The placements seem very worthwhile (some at Harvard and others in clinical settings), but I'm not sure how competitive these places are and whether they are any good in reality. How is it decided whether you are suitable for placements? Is there anything that sets some people apart from others? Btw, I want to eventually go into clinical psychology.

There is no department open day at Bath for those who have psychology offers (as far as I know) so it would help to hear some opinions before I make a decision. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated...
Don't forget that Bristol is very nearby, and you always get a taxi back between four of you if you want to go out on a night.
Freshers Week, University of Bath
University of Bath
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So is there not much in Bath then in the way of nightlife? Do most people usually just head off to Bristol if they want a night out?
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There is nightlife! But it's reasonably limited. Compared to Durham/Exeter/York there's probably not much difference, and Warwick will have non-existant nightlife almost.

I went yesterday for econ, and the place was buzzing. Lots of students sitting round the lake, music coming out of the bar, and lots of people going round. Loved it.
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I assure you it's not all centred around sport at all. None of my societies are sport ones and i'm kept VERY busy here with things to do.

The hill isn't a problem with the orange buses which run up to every 6 mins during the day.

At the weekend campus will be very quiet. Personally though i think it has one of the best atmospheres during the week due to the parade being there as it's thr main area where all students pass through to get around campus.
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Thanks for the help. I'll probably visit sometime next week then to see what it's really like.

What about the placement year? Has anyone been on one? Would it be a worthwhile experience? I've read about there being one in Harvard and that appeals for obvious reasons, but what are the placements like in reality and is it straightforward to get onto them?
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I'll try to help from what i've seen - applying there this year (for econ.)

Placements are organised at the end of 1st/start of 2nd year, so you have till then to decide. They are organised by you, but departmnets post adverts/ideas in the block, and help you prepare for interviews/CVs.

From the students i saw on Wed. I'm defo going for it, as they made it seem really worthwhile, and the experience will be priceless, when up against other grads a few years later.

People i saw had jobs with the Bank of England, HSBC, Big Accounts firms, other banks - so they have VERY good links, and so i'm sure there'll be a good one for you.

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I'm currently in my first year at Bath (doing Psychology), and it's great so far.

I spent ages looking around before deciding to come here, and the placement year is definately one of Bath's strongest allures.

Funnily enough I'm going to be trying to get into the Harvard placement (there are a few at Harvard) but keep in mind that it's one of the most demanded placement locations so there is a lot of competition.

Having said that, I think the course itself is great so far, albeit rather easy if you have done any psychology before.
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Thanks for the help. I think I'll probably accept Bath now. From what everyone says it's a good place to study and the placement year is a huge attraction.

Is there anything which you think would help someone get onto the Harvard placement? I've got a year out, so I'm considering some work experience. If nothing else I think this would help when applying for jobs. Would consider doing an extra AS level if that would help, but I'm not sure if it's worth the effort...
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To be honest, although work may help, I've been told that the most important factor is how well you do in your first and second year.
I visited Bath today and it seemed a lot livelier and sports facilities were amazing. Pretty sure I'm going to choose Bath. Just a bit scared to reject the others in case I change my mind. Thanks for the replies... they have helped.
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I visited Bath today and it seemed a lot livelier and sports facilities were amazing. Pretty sure I'm going to choose Bath. Just a bit scared to reject the others in case I change my mind.

I know how that feels- i`ve acepted to study psychology at bath starting 2008 as well, and cant wait to start! the placement is going to be fabby, as it is definately going to give you the edge if your into clinical psychology, as that area is very competitive and they want experience