Kidney Stones in Both Kidneys - Am I at risk of Kidney Failure?

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Hi all,

Here goes!

A year ago whilst on holiday a family member developed kidney stones in one of his kidneys, but because they were small he was able to pass them whilst peeing. They was no major concern and was able to pass them with no problems. Just the usual symptoms, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain etc the usual symptoms but nothing major.
In late December 2017, just after Christmas, he was rushed into hospital with extreme pain, vomiting, nausea, blood in urine, pain when urinating, all the symptoms associated with Kidney Stones. He was diagnosed with kidney stones again, but this time in the opposite kidney and this time it was extremely large. He had a operation to fit in a stent to keep the tube open to avoid any blockages and then was discharged from hospital soon after.
He is in constant pain. He was told his operation to laser the stone and remove the stent was in 5-6 weeks but we are now in March 2018 and the operation is not close. He is on the waiting list but still waiting, they have told him it could be as long as 5-6months. He is in constant pain, bleeding while urinating, extreme pain when urinating, exhausted, pale, losing concentration, can’t keep still as if he is in discomfort, nausea, not sleeping, loss of appetite, weight loss. He is also taking Tramadol and Ibuprofen to ease the pain but so far it isn’t looking like it’s helping. Because of the recurrent kidney stones and the fact that there has been kidney stones in each kidney does this mean that he is going to get kidney failure? Does the fact that the operation is potentially 5-6 months away cause issues with the kidney, stent and kidney failure? Any response would be greatly appreciated as I am worried sick!
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Really sorry to hear such a situation. Hope he gets better soon.
Does he live in the UK?

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