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my journey withe education was always very hard, i done my gcse managed to get grades, but i always knew i wasn't good enough but i still took A-level maths bio chem i studied hard and everything but i failed the first year. so i thought i might start again from another college new enviroment and everything, but as i re took my a-level in maths chem and bio, i failed again. my hopes in dreams to get into a good reputable uni vanished in that right instant, and i knew it right from a very young age i wanted to go to UCL to study computing but as i now understand that will never be possible. still i didn't give up i took btec computing, and i can say i am doing better then my A-level, however a question that is going through my mind quite a few time is that i failed my A-level maths twice and if apply fro computing course at any uni are they going to consider me for place? for example is queen mary going to consider me by them knowing i failed twice maths A-level. i understand some people might comment you got no chance or no hope uni is not for you, for those people who might say these comments i know i am failure in life, i know i failed everything in life but still i would try to go to uni maybe russell group uni i am the oldest son in my family my younger brothers and sisters looks up to me and i don't wanna be more of failure then what i am right now already, if i ever manage to go to uni i would be the first person in my family to go to uni. if anyone can tell me if unis or russell group unis that accpets btec will decline me beacuse i failed twice my maths AS-level. again i know i am failiure in life and i accpted so there is no need for anyone to remind me that if anyone has some good advice or answer to my problem i would be grateful
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Dont declare that you failed it?

Also UCL accept BTEC for their ITMB degree course with Distinction, Distinction, Distinction grades, its a bit different from computer science/computing but its still very good and would let you go to UCL. -

And when i did my computing BTEC I had a few people in my class who failed or did bad (D/E grades) in their AS Maths and still got into very good unis e.g. Surrey, Cardiff, Royal Holloway, Manchester (for ITMB), Kings College and more.

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