Just CANNOT concentrate... advice desperately please (sad) Watch

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No clue what to do for the best.

GCSEs have got harder and all of my teachers bar one this year are really poor – it’s like they can’t be bothered and aren’t giving us enough resources or teaching the content in time. Some of them haven’t bothered to teach whole units.

I’m really stressed and really panicked. Socially I’m not in the best of situations, ousted from a group recently, no solid friendship group and feel tired of all the fakeness and immaturity I see in my year group. Being in that environment is exhausting and I have only a few friends that I even socialise with at school now. Self conscious about that.

Heavily weighed down with expectations of me. The subjects I get 8s/9s in I feel under pressure from the school and myself to keep up to those standards and would hate to disappoint should anything go wrong. So so so much content for Chemistry and I want to do it at A level yet in a situation where I have to self teach and therefore feel thick and incapable of doing it. Barely even passing Maths and there’s so much pressure on me from the school to pass... feel on the verge of tears.

We’ve an influx of mocks this week in the hall, lots of days where we have two in one day. I am already emotionally and mentally exhausted and the week hasn’t yet begun. I can feel burnout happening and don’t know what to do. Can’t just stop revising because time is of the essence and there’s only weeks till the exams.

Know it’s only GCSEs but the degree and unis I want to go to specify good grades as a requirement. I have outgrown the school environment and have no clue how I’m ever going to learn and revise effectively while ever I’m being squashed down. Not a brilliant culture at my school. Issues with friends. Big stress about subjects

Thought about having Monday and Tuesday off ‘ill’ between the end of the mocks (mid April) till the real exams (Mid May) in the hope that it might alleviate some of my stress and make me feel better. Pointless being at school because the lessons aren’t productive. What do you guys think to that?

Also, would really welcome any comments on how to combat this angst and pull through. I’ve tried all the tricks, thought about how it’s short term pain for long term gain, thought about failing, thought about passing, and NONE OF IT IS MOTIVATING ME. I just feel like I can’t learn or concentrate. My mind wanders way too much and I have no clue why.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why my concentration is impaired and how to fix? Anyone in a similar boat? Do you think it’s related to the environment I dislike?
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You just need to calm down. Although I know that that’s easier said than done.
I did my GCSE’s last year and got all A’s and one B. And tbh I wasn’t even stressed through it all. I understand that the idea that your GCSE’s are going to define your life is pushed into you but it really isn’t.
And put your mental health before anything else. You need to find a safe space and someone you trust to talk to. Because trust me anxiety and stress can be terrible during exams. I’ve seen people so stressed that they end up getting C’s even though throughout the year and all the mocks they’ve gotten A*’s.
And it’s about quality not quantity when it comes to friends and don’t forget you’ve got family to help you as well.
Don’t give up on socialising just because of exams. Create a timetable for revision, relaxation and socialising to get you through the experience. And if you think your school is a bad environment for you, take a couple of days of to try out other environments.
In the end you are getting the grades for yourself not for anyone else so don’t let any expectations placed on you stress you out.

I hope this helps and good luck
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