Suffering from Nostalgic depression. Hate univeristy, miss school and teachers.

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A year ago i posted this
"Im constantly missing the past even though my current sixth form is the same place i went to high school. i dont hate sixth form by any means but i know that once i go to uni ill miss the school even more. high school wasnt great but i liked the lack of stress and ability to have fun.My Depression doesnt mix well with nostalgia and no one understand. Im constantly living in the past."

I knew moving on from sixth form to uni would be hard. Even though i was living in the past back then and was still suffering from depression, its a whole lot worse now. At least before there were 2 teachers that i opened up to, and those were the two people i trusted. Now theres no one at uni, i miss actually being close with teachers and having people that cared about you, now its just useless lecturers, and councilling won't help because they dont know me like my teachers did. I've been on meds but they havent helped that much. Now that im considering an adult, i couldnt even do something like runaway from unin accomodation because no one would care. I dream about school all the time and frequently cry about wanting to be back. My sixth form was the same place as my school and whilst school life wasnt amazing, i miss the routine, the ability to make everyone laugh in lessons, the interaction, teachers that were actually concerned about you.
Anyone else had similar experiences? What can i do (And trying to look forward to the future and forget about the past wont work so dont mention it.)

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