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Hi folks,

Been a while since I used this site. Anyway, I want to go back to uni to do my Master's degree in either International Relations or International Security. I am a British citizen but I want to study outside of the UK. Currently, I live in Germany and also speak fluent German, but I want to study in English and in a large metropolitan city. The problem is:
1) only a few unis offer these courses in English around Europe (I would also consider Canada).
2) the deadline for most was in January or February (I only started looking after February), and
3) some programmes require eg 60 or 90 credits in Political Science as part of their requirements (I studied LLB Law and do not have this).

The unis which offer one of these degrees is:
Hertie School of Governance (Berlin) - applied, but costs 32,500€
IBEI - applied
Leiden Uni (The Hague campus) - thinking about it
Uni of Oslo - deadline had already passed :/
Uni of Helsinki - deadline had already passed :/
Uni of Copenhagen - ineligible because I studied Law
Graduate Institute, Geneva - deadline had already passed :/
SciencesPo (Paris) - I thought about it but I did not get a First Class in my Bachelor's so I was unlikely to get accepted because of the competitiveness of the uni and the application costs 100€ (seriously?!)
Université de Montréal - in French :/
University of British Columbia - deadline had already passed :/

I really want to start in September 2018 and absolutely do not want to wait until September 2019. That is 1.5 years of working a *****y job rather than studying and researching.

Have I missed a school? Many thanks.
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I've applied to Leiden for two Master's courses, one in The Hague (International Relations and Diplomacy) and one in Leiden (International Relations)
I had a similar thought pattern to you regards the wide choice of university and each with their benefits and drawbacks. The open day at Leiden really encouraged me so I was glad I chose there but the others also have fantastic opportunities, especially with the reputations of some of the unis.

You could look into aberystwyth as an option (not sure about deadlines though) it's really well thought of in IR and has fantastic teaching although the uni might be a little underwhelming in terms of location.

I have found graduate jobs thin on the ground hence going towards a Master's, hope you make a good decision!
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Just curious! What did you choose finally?

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