Rewriting Lectures out to revise (PHARMACY)

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Hi! Atm, Im v stressed. I have my final year exams coming up (2nd year pharmacy), for January exams I revised by rewriting my lecture material and highlighting and recapping them. I would do one lecture a day and build up and recap all previous ones I did before I add the new one. It worked for me and I got good results. HOWEVER that was only 3 exams (altogether about 20 lectures).

I now have 6 exams and ONE exam alone has 54 lectures. Writing out one lecture takes me about 2 hours. I counted the amount of lectures I have which is around 130. My worry is that my revision method is too longed out and basically a bit pointless because Im just writing out my lecture slide notes and annotations. Do other people do this or do you revise straight from lecture slides.

Im really stressed because I don't want to change the way I revise because I know this works for me but at the same time, I don't want to do something that may take me 5 x longer than needs be. I haven't ever tried revising from just lecture slides but Im afraid that it won't stick because I haven't wrote it out and can't highlight it and recap it continuously.

I am very OCD about notes etc. Please some help me on this :/

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