Being part of a society is like being a part of community!

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Being part of a society is like being a part of community

by Chandni Soren

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What is the society that you are in?
I am a member of the Salsa Society, it is a friendly and laid back atmosphere where you learn how to dance and meet lots of new people. We usually start with a warm up, learning some steps taught by an instructor. We then partner up and form a circle around the room, rotating partners every few moves so that everyone gets to know and dance with each other. I have been doing Salsa since September 2016 so around a year and a half; I am on the committee this year in the role of Equality and Diversity Officer.

We have regular socials, meeting up for pizza, cocktails and dancing. We attend Spanish clubs like Revolution De Cuba, Bloo88 and Cubanas in Sheffield where you can attend a salsa lesson or join in social dancing. It is a great atmosphere where lots of strangers come together to dance and have fun.

We also organise regular trips, such as to Blackpool and Liverpool to do optional Salsa workshops or competitions with other universities or organisations. Every year we also have the opportunity to go abroad, I have always wanted to go to Spain because I speak Spanish and we went on a trip to Madrid last year. It opened my eyes up to really different type of night life, the world Salsa dancing. This year we are going to Barcelona in April.

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What made you join the Salsa Society?

I joined salsa because I have always loved dancing and I was looking for a way to meet new people. I had done a martial art as my sport for several years and I wanted to try something completely different. My dad and both my siblings do this martial art so it was exciting to look for a new hobby that would just be my own.

On the first give it a go session everyone was really friendly and I had good fun, meeting lots of new people, so I decided to continue to attend. What I really liked was that it was very different to a sports team because there was a lot less pressure. It was much more relaxed because you didn’t have to turn up to every session, you could just attend when you wanted and had time to. We also ran regular performances around campus to advertise our society which was a new experience as well as charity events and collaborations with other societies such as Breakdancing and Knitting which led us to win Society of the year last year. Being part of a society is like being a part of community or even family. I had definitely made some lifelong friends after a few short lessons.

Why would you recommend joining a society?

I would recommend joining a society because it gives you the opportunity to meet likeminded people and develop new skills. At University so many unique societies are at your fingertips and so easily accessible so make the most of them! There are so many societies at Hallam so you are sure to find one that suits you, and if not you can always make up your own society.

It also keeps you busy at University and gets you out of the house! It is a great way to let your hair down and to wind down from University work. It also gives you another group of friends outside of your course mates and your flatmates. I even live with one of my friends from Salsa this year, so you never know who you are going to meet. Also, once you are in a society it is easier to access so many more opportunities such as performing at international events in Sheffield and doing other events together as a society, for example we did a charity obstacle course 5k as a team last year. It also gives you the chance to engage with other societies.
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